Kelly's Post Office Directory of Devonshire 1856


POST OFFICE. Benjamin Ambrose Hall, Park street, postmaster. Letters arrive from London & all intermediate places at 1/4 past 5 a.m., & dispatched at 1/2 past 7 p.m. box closes at 7 p.m. North mail, via: Newton, arrives at 20 min to 2 p. m., & dispatched at 10 a.m.; box closes at 1/4 to 10 a. m. Bags are made up for Brixham, Paignton & Galmpton, which are dispatched one hour after the arrival of the London mail. Money orders are granted & paid at this office from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Robert Shedden, esq. Torre Abbey
H. C.H. Phillips, esq. Wellswood
James Hack esq. Firgrove
Edward Vivian, esq. Woodfield
John Belfield. esq. Primley hill, Paignton
C. H. Mallock. esq. Cockington Court
Rev. Thomas Kitson. Shiphay, St. Mary Church
Capt. H. Phillpotts, Watcombe
Rev. J. R. Hogg, Westholme

Devon & Cornwall Bank, 1Cary parade, Courtenay Clarke, manager, draw on Barclay, Bevan & Co. London
Torquay Bank, 1 Vaughan parade, Edward Vivian, Wm. Kitson & Wm. Henry Kitson: draw on Dimsdale, Drewett & Co, London
Devon & Exeter Savings Bank(branch of), 13 Strand, John Cowell Stark, agent hours of' business daily between 9 & 10 morn. & from 7 to 9 on Saturday evening
Bank of Deposit (branch of) (3 Pall Mall east, London), John Cowell Stark, agent; attendance daily, 13 Strand

Argus Life, John Cowell Stark, 13 Strand
Atlas Fire & Life, George Elliot Hearder, Town halI
Beacon, W, Farrant, Lower Union street
Birmingham District Fire, Philip Michelmore, 36 Lower Union street
Birmingham Fire , John Octavius Williams, 7 Lower Union street
Brittania Life, John Redaway Matthews, l4 Victoria parade
British Empire, Edward Appleton, Town Hall, T. D. Chater, Town hall
British Provident Life & Fire , Wm. Melluish, 93 Lower Union street
Briton Life, William Gardiner, 2 Lauriston cottages
City of London. W. R. Martin, 3 Strand
Clerical, Medical & General Life, Courtenay Clarke, I Cary parade
County Fire, Henry Elliott, 2 Oak cottages Melville street
Deposit Bank National Assurance & Investment Company, J. C. Stark, 13 Strand
Eagle, Rt. T. Wyatt
English & Cambrian Life, Henry Wreyford ,1, Fleet street
Equitable Fire, Richard Elias Bishop, 80 Lower Union street
General Indemnity Life & Plate Glass, John C. Parker, 11 Lower Union street
Globe, William Stark, Braddon's hill road west
Guardian Fire & Life, John Taylor Chadwick, 1 Market street
Imperial Fire & Life, Joseph Cowell Raby, Babbicombe road
Indisputable Life, Philip Michelmore, 36 Lower Union street
Lancashire Fire & Life, William Harvey, Torwood house
Law Property & Life, Richard Elias Bishop, 80 Lower Union street,. Yard Eastley, 2 Market street
Law Reversionary Society, Charles Bayly, 1 Lower Terrace
Law Union Fire & Life, Charles Bayly, 1 Lower terrace
Leeds & Yorkshire, Joseph Hole, 39 Higher Union street
Leeds & Yorkshire Fire & Life, Wm. Sawyer, 3 Modena terrace
Legal & General Life, Charles Bayly, 1 Lower terrace
Liverpool & London Fire & Life, Rich'd H. Taylor, 31 Tor Square
London Fire & Life, John Tapley Harvey, 4 Park Crescent
London Mutual Life, Richard Lemon, Abbey place
London Union Fire & Life, Caleb Weeks, 82 Lower Union street
Manchester Fire, Joseph Morgan, Higher Union street
Medical, Invalid & General, R. C. Wilkinson, Victoria parade
Minerva Life, Edwin Hawker, 98 Lower Union street
Mutual Life, Samuel Northway, 2 Abbey Place
National Live stock, Josiah Toms, 10 Union street
National Provincial Fire & Life, Edward Barrett, Madeira place
National Provincial plate glass, J. C. Parker, 11 Union street
New Alliance, Charles Driffield, 16 Fleet street., John Shapley, 2 Waldon cottages
Norwich Union Fire & Life, Geo. Wm. Webber, 11 Strand
Pelican Life, Fred'k Geo. N. Perrett, 13 Braddon's hill road west
Phoenix Fire, Fred'k Geo. N. Perrett, 13 Braddon's hill road west
Plate Glass, Wm. David Marler, Madrepore place
Professional Life, B. I. Toogood, Braddon's villas
Promoter Life & Annuity, James West, Fleet street
Protector Loan & Annuity, Henry Crockwell, 33 Lower Union street
Provident Life, Henry Elliott, 2 Oak cottages, Melville street
Prudential Mutual, E. Cockrem, 10 Strand
Royal Exchange, Whiteway & Ball, 2 Montpellier terrace, & 1 North quay
Royal Farmers' Fire & Life, Henry Crockwell, 33 Lower Union street
Royal Fire & Life, Narracott Brothers, 7 Strand
St. George Life, Thomas Oliver, 38 Lower Union street
Scottish Provincial Fire & Life, F. Thomas, 1 Higher Union street
Scottish Union Fire & Life, George Hodge, 4 Strand
Solicitors & General Life, Rich'd Elias Bishop, 80 Lower Union street., & Charles Bayly, 1 Lower terrace
Star Life, Joseph Morgan, Higher Union street
Sun Fire & Life, Yard Eastley, 2 market street
Temperance Permanent Land & Building Society, Wm. Gillard Cove, 1 Swan street
Union Life, C. Weeks, 82 & 83 Lower Union street
United Kingdom Temperance & General Provident Life, Josiah Tomas & Son, 10 Lower Union street
Unity Fire, Richard Lemon, Abbey place & Josiah Toms & Son, 10 Lower Union street
Unity Fire & Life, Yard Eastley, 2 Market street
Universal Life, Caleb Weeks, 82 Lower Union street
West of England Fire & Life, Wm. John Beasley, 6 Victoria parade
Western Annuity, John Cowell Stark, 13 Strand
Western Life, John Rossiter, 3 Lower Union street
Western Provident Association, Broad & Co, Fleet street
Westminster Fire, W. S. Joyce, 1 Woodlands, Warren road
Widows' Fund Life, Wm. Carleton, 2 Braddon's row, Fleet street
Yorkshire Fire & Life, Wm. Neck Peckins, 1 Orchard terrace.

Assembly Rooms (at Union Hall) , John Mogridge, proprietor. Union street
Royal Hotel, Thomas Webb, Strand
Billiard Rooms, at Torquay club, Beacon terrace, Wm..Hearder, proprietor;
Custom House, Victoria parade, Colin McNab), principal officer
Coast Guard Station, Victoria parade, Richard Bell Mudge, esq. R. N. chief officer
Inland Revenue Office, 21 Orchard terrace, Bingham Mant, resident officer
Hospital for Consumption, Lower Warberry road, C. Radclyffe Hall, physician, William Pollard, jun. surgeon & sec; Mrs Susan Hardiman, matron
Institution for Gentlewomen of Limited Income, Mrs Thompson, lady superintendent, Erith house, Lower Warberry road
Local Board of Health, office, Town hall ; Mr. G. E. Hearder, clerk; Edward Appleton, surveyor; James Mountstephens, assistant surveyor &c.; Henry Elliott, collector of rates & inspector of nuisances; Samuel John Daw, treasurer
Royal Library & Reading rooms, Edward Croydon, 2 Victoria parade
Mechanics' Institute, Abbey road
Office of land & Assessed taxes, l Orchard terrace, Wm. Neck Peckins, assessor & collector
Office of Torquay Market Co; I Orchard terrace, William. Neck Peckins sec; Samuel John Daw, treasurer
Office of Torquay Extramural Cemetery Co., Lower Union street, William Stanley Joyce, sec
Police Station, Town hall, Charles Kilby. superintendent
Public Baths, Victoria parade, John Joslin, attendant
Station of the South Devon Railway Co. Tor, John Lane Smith, superintendent
Stamp Office, Hearder's hotel, George E Hearder sub distributor
Torbay Infirmary & Dispensary, Higher Union street, William Wilkinson Stabb, house surgeon .
Torquay Athenoeum, Park lane, Elias Burt, curator
Torquay Club, Beacon terrace, Wm. Hearder, Proprietor; & William Elliott. 2 Lawrence place
Torquay Pump Room, adjoining the club, Beacon terrace, William Hearder, chemist, proprietor Torquay Gas Works, Temperance street, William David Marler, sec, James Greenfield, manager
Torquay Needlework Society, 78 Lower Union street, Mrs. Mary Rattenbury, superintendent
Town Hall, Lower Union street

Agent to the Devon & Exeter Savings Bank & Agent to the Bank of Deposit, 3 Pall Mall east, London, John Cowell Stark, 13 Strand
Assessor & Collector of Land & Assessed Taxes, Wm. Neck Peckins, 1 Orchard terrace,
Assistant overseer of To Moham, John Shapley, 2 Waldon cottages, Abbey road
Clerks to the Torquay & Newton Bushell Turnpike Trusts, Wm. . & Chas. Kitson, I Vaughan parade
Clerk to the Magistrates & Local Board of Health, George Elliot Hearder, Town hall
Collector of Rates & Inspector of nuisances, Henry Elliott, 2 Oak cottages, Melville street
Commissioner in Chancery & Auditor of Torquay Extramural Cemetery Company, Chas. Bayly, I Lower terrace
Harbour Master, Robert Jope Slade, 12 Victoria parade
Perpetual Commissioners, Charles Bayly, I Lower terrace.; Charles Kitson, I Vaughan parade,
Registrar of Births & Deaths, William Prowse, Warren road
Registrar of marriages & Deputy Registrar of Births & Deaths, Caleb Weeks 82 Lower Union street
Secretary to the Torquay Market Company, Wm. Neck Peckins, 1 Orchard terrace
Secretary to the Torquay Extramural Cemetery Company, Wm. Stanley Joyce, 1 Woodlands, Warren road
Solicitor to the Torquay Cemetery Company, Frederick Roger Carter, 5 Fleet street & Conniger villa, Teignmouth road
Surveyor for Lloyds, Samuel Cockings, 2 Banner Cross, Abbey road
Superintendent of Police, Chas. Kilby, 2 South street, Tor
Town Surveyor, Edward Appleton, 2 Woodville, Abbey road
Assistant town Surveyor & Inspector of nuisances, James Mount Stephens, Melville place
Town Crier, Emmanuel Charles, Melville place.


St. John's chapel of Ease, Montpellier terrace, Rev. J. R. D. Pycroft M. A., perpetual curate.
St. Mark's Church, Rev. J. R. Hogg, incumbent
St Mary Magdalen, Upton, Rev. Richard Robbins Wolfe, M. A. , incumbent
Tor Church, Rev. Jsph. Hemington Harris D. D. incumbent
Trinity Church, Meadfoot road, Rev. Richard Fayle M. A., incumbent
Baptist Chapel, Temperance street, Ministers-various
Independent chapel, Abbey road, Rev. Nicholas Hurry, minister
Independent chapel, Lower Union street, Rev. John Orange, minister
Plymouth Brethren Chapel, Warren road
Salem Chapel, Braddon's hill road west, William Neck Peckins, lecturer
Wesleyan Chapel, Rock road, Rev. Thos Hulme , minister
Roman Catholic Chapel, Abbey road, Rev. Maurice John Power, priest

Infant, Melville street, Miss Emma Chipman & Miss Emma Cornish, mistresses
National, Pimlico, Henry Dart, master,;Mrs Keren Dart, mistress,;& Mrs Hester Hole, infant mistress
National, Tor, John Brown, master,; miss Rebecca Self, infant mistress
National infant, Boston fields, St Mary Church road, Mrs Cawdle, mistress
Public school for all Denominations, Abbey road, Wm. Joseph Hurry, master,; Miss Marion McKillop, mistress
St. John's (girls), St. John's place, Mrs Laura Williams, mistress
Trinity, Meadfoot row, John Harris, master,; Mrs Mary Harris, mistress,; Miss Anna Kingwell, infant mistress

Commercial Hotel, William Lawless, 1 Market street
Hearder's Hotel, (Posting), Mrs Sarah C Hearder, Victoria parade
London Commercial Hotel, Thomas Wolfinden, Fleet street
Royal Hotel (posting), Thomas Webb, Strand
Union Commercial Hotel (posting), John Mogridge, Lower Union street

Torquay Chronicle & General Directory (Tuesday), William Elliott, publisher, 2 Lawrence place
Torquay Directory & South Devon Journal, (Wednesday), Edward Cockrem, publisher, 10 Strand

Omnibuses to Paignton, Brixham & Dartmouth, from the Railway station, calling at the London Commercial Hotel, daily at 1/4 past 9 morning & 1/4 to 6 evening, arrive at Torquay 9 morning and 1/2 past 5 evening

Crowley & Co to Bristol, Exeter & Plymouth, daily; Robert Shute John, agent; office 65 Lower Union street
Pickford & Co. to London & all parts of the Kingdom, daily; John Madge, agent, office, 5 Braddon's hill road west
Chaplin & Horne, to London & all parts of the Kingdom, daily, Robert Shute John, agent, office 65 Lower Union street;
The South Devon Railway Company, William Farrant, agent

ASHBURTON- William Edgecombe, from Maritime Inn. Monday, 1/2 past 3 afternoon & from Steam Packet Inn, Friday 1/2 past 3 afternoon
BELSTONE- John Woollan, from Maritime Inn arrives Monday & leaves Tuesday at 12 noon
CHAGFORD- Geo. Hatherley, from Maritime Inn arrives Monday leaves Tuesday 12 noon.
SOUTH ZEAL- George Powesland & John Gidley, from Maritime Inn, both arrive Monday & leaves Tuesday at 12 noon.
TOTNESS- George Stoyle, from Maritime Inn, Monday, Wednesday & Friday arrives at 1 & leaves at 5 afternoon

Steam packet from the Quay, to Plymouth, Wednesday & Saturday at 6 morning: to Portsmouth & Southampton, Monday & Thursday at 6 evening. Robert Jope Slade, agent, 12 Victoria parade
Sailing packets to & from Chamberlain's wharf, Tooley street, London, & Torquay, every ten days; Robert Jope Slade, agent, 12 Victoria parade


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