Kelly's Post Office Directory of Devonshire 1856



Alexander Mrs. Admiral, Park hill ldg
Almond Rev George, Fairlie lodge, Torwood gardens road
Anstey Miss, the Brake, Teignmouth rd
Ashcroft Mr John, 2 Rock Cotts. Tor
Atkinson George, esq. R. N.. Thornton, Meadfoot road;
Attree Miss, Underwood villa, Upper Braddons hill road
Attree Mrs, Underwood villa, Upper Braddons hill road
Aymler Lady Louis, Meadfoot lodge
Babington .Rev John, M.A. Mornay Lodge St Mary Church road
Bacon Mrs, Woodstock cot. Orchard st
Baldry Alfred, Bythorn, St Mary Church road
Baldwin Mrs. Barry, Rock view, Meadfoot road
Balman Thomas, esq. M. D. Monkton house Abbey road
Bastow Mrs. Belvidere Lodge; Braddon's road west
Battersby Robert, esq. M.D. Glen cottage, Meadfoot road
Bayly Charles, esq. Garston; Lower Warberry road
Bazalgette Miss F. E. Hesketh house, Hesketh Crescent
Beasley Mrs. Torwood lodge, Torwood gardens road
Beasley William John, esq. Newstead, Middle Warberry road
Beckett John Staniforth, esq. the Knoll, Tor
Benthall Mrs. Furzeswell house, St. Mary Church road
Best Mrs. Nathaniel, Lisburn, Lower Warberry road
Bezzi John, esq. Villino, Meadfoot road
Bezzi Mrs. Villino, Meadfoot road
Bibbens Misses, Palestine villa, Teignmouth road
Bird Mrs. Oaklands Low. Warberry rd
BIack Glass, esq. M.D. Meadfoot villa, Meadfoot road
Blake Charles Paget esq. M. D, Beulah, Silver hill
Blakiston Dowager Lady, 7 Beacon ter
Bogle. John, esq. Woodside Upper Braddon's hill road
Bolland Mrs. Landowne, OldTorwood rd
Bolton Mrs. 7 Portland pl, Abbey road
Bovill Edward,esq. Glenthorne Lower Warberry road
Boyle Hon. John Ditton, Lower Warberry road
Brandon Right Hon. Lady, Homefield, Lower Warberrv road
Brittain Miss, Lausanne, Telgnmouth road
Brockedon Mrs. Landour, Lower Woodfield road
Brownlow Countess, Belton Lodge, Upper Lincombe road
Buckley Joseph, esq. Fairfield Teignmouth road
Bulley Mrs. 7 Geneva cottages,
Calverley Charles Calverley, esq. Dunstone, Middle Warberry road
Campbell George Colin, esq. I Claremont, Tor Church road
Carr Capt. James, Elm villa, Higher Union street
Carter Frederic Roger, esq. Conniger villa, Teignmouth road
Carthew Arthur esq. Abbey vale, Tor
Cartwright Misses, Beech house, Upper Braddon's road
Cary Lieut. Lionel Stuart Traquair Munro, Torre abbey
Cary Lucius Falkland Brancaleone, esq. R. N. Torre abbey
Cary Miss, Torre abbey
Cary Mrs, Torre abbey
Cary Robert Shedden Sulyarde esq. Torre abbey
Champnes Rev Edward Thomas Meadfoot rock Hesketh road
Cholwich Mrs . Upton cottage ,Upton
Clarke Miss, Sulyarde house
Cole Capt. The Vale, Teignmouth road
Cole Mrs, Hill garden, Higher Union st .
Cole Mrs, Lauriston hall, Tor Hill road
Colhoun James Esq, Madeira Villa, Tor hill road
Combe James esq. Beaumont, Middle Lincombe road
Cope Miss ,7 Beacon terrace ,
Cornish, Mrs Charles, Chapel hill, Tor
Cornish Miss, Chapel Hill, Tor,
Courtenay Hon. Mrs. Thomas, Torre mount, Tor
Cramp William Archibald esq. Cresswell Cottage, Teignmouth road .
Curtis Mrs, Brunswick house, Tor
Dashwood Hon, Lady, Braganza cottage, Braddon's road west
Davis Weston Brocklesby, esq. M. A. 3 Portland place, Abbey road
Dean James, esq. Middleton lodge, Lower Warberry road
De Burgh Rev. Robt. M.A 10 clifton ter
Dennis Mrs, Warbstowe, Lower Warberry road
Dennis Mrs. Samuel, the Vale, Teignmouth road
Dibbins Mr Samuel, l Rock cotgs, Tor
Douglas Rev. Phillip H. Ash hill house, St. Mary Church road
Dove Mrs Castell -a-mare, Middle Warberry road
Dunsany Lady Elizabeth, Overton, Lower Lincombe road
Dyott Miss , Heathfield, Middle Warberry road
Eardley Sir Culling Eardley, bart. Frognel, Middle Woodfield road
Earle Percival Hare, esq. Walton lodge, Middle Warberry road
Elliott Miss, Mornay lodge, St. Mary Church road
English Mrs. Charles, the Vomero, Stitchill road
Evans James, esq. Verney house, Abbey road
Evanson Richard Tonson. esq. M. D. Buckingham ho. Lower Warberry rd
Eyre Miss Henrietta, Cintra, Upper Braddon's road
Fanshawe Misses, St. Mary's, Tor
Fayle Rev. Richard, M. A. Park hill villa, Park hill road
Fleteher Mrs. Warberry lodge, Lower Warberry road
Ford Rev. James, M. A. (prebend of Exeter cathedral), Hirondelle, St Mary Church Road
Fox Rev William, M. A. Lauriston Villa, Upton road
Fysh Rev. Frederick, M. A., 6 Lower ter
Gale Mrs, Cintra, Upper Braddon's road
Gardner Richard, esq. Teignmouth road
Gautherot Miss, 1 Tamar villas, Warren road
Gooch Miss, Gray's lodge, Upper Braddon's road
Goodenough Miss, Bay Mount, Park Hill road
Gotbed William Esq., Irene Cottage, St Mary Church road
Green George, esq. I Wellswood park
Grenfell Miss Sophia, Victoria place, Tor Square
Gribble Edward Wynne, 8 Park place
Griffiths Misses, Bloomfleld, Meadfoot road
Griffiths, Mrs.Bloomfild, Meadfoot road
Grove Rev. Charles, Villa-a-Mare, Lower Lincombe road
Guiness Misses, Albyn lodge Torwood gardens road
Hack James, esq . Firgrove, Upper Braddon's hill road
Hall Misses, Fernhill, Meadfoot road
Hall Radclyffe, esq. M.D. Plymswood, St Mary Church road
Hall Mrs T. M. Fernhill, Meadfoot road
Hamblett Miss, the Brake, Teignmouth road
Harris Rev. Joseph Hemington, D.D., Sorel, Tor
Harris Geo. Hemington, Rooklands, Tor
Harrison Mrs, Exbury, Old Torwood road
Harvey Mr Jacob, 6 Park crescent
Harvey Mrs. 10 Waldon ter. Abbey road
Hawksworth Mr, Amory, 1 Chesnut cottages, Orchard terrace.
Higgins Misses, Abbey villa, Warren road
Hill Rev. George M.A., Warwick house, Warren road
Hinton Alfred, esq., Leamington lodge, St. Mary Church road
Hives Charles, esq. Normount, Lower Warberry Road
Hodgkinson Francis, esq. Woodlands, Braddon's hill road east .
Hogg Rev., J. R., Westholme, Middle Warberry road .
Hope Miss, Overfield, Old Torwood road
Hope Mrs. Overfield Old Torwood road
Horne Miss, Hillside, Lower Woodfield road
Houghton Sir Henry Bold bart. Marne villa
Hughes Mrs Bridges, Ashfield, Tor
Hulme Rev.Thomas (Wesleyan), Ellacome view, Warren road
Hunt Arthur, esq. Hillstead, St. Mary Church road
Hunter Thos. esq. Woodburn, St. Mary Church road
Hurry Rev. Nicholas [independent],1 Warley cottages, Upton vale
Ironside Charles, esq. Rozel, Middle Lincombe road
Jameson Miss,Woburn lodge, Hesketh road
Jefferies Edward, esq. 4 Modena ter
Jellard Misses, 5 Portland pl. Abbey rd
Jermyn Mrs. Stokeleigh, St. Mary Church road
Johnson Capt. Charles Henry, Needwood, St. Mary Church road
Jolley Waterloo cott. Abbey road
Jones John, esq. I Modena terrace
Keith-Falconer Adrian William, esq. Rockend, Park hill road
Keith-Falconer Hon. Mrs. Rockend, Park hill road;
Ker Misses, the Castle, St. Mary Church road
Ker Mrs, the Castle, St. Mary Church road
Ker William, esq., the Castle, St Mary Church road
Kerr Hon. Arthur, Tudor lodge, St. Mary Church road
Kitson Charles esq., Collaton, Old Torwood road
Kitson William esq., 2 Vaughan Parade
Kitson Wm. Henry esq., 2 Vaughan Parade
Lanfear Mrs, Kennett villa, Lower Lincombe road
Le Breton James Edward, esq Braddon's cliff , Braddon's road west .
Lee John Hutchinson, esq. Balsdon lodge, Abbey road.
Lucas Carr Ellison esq. M .D. Ashfield, Tor
Lushington Mrs. Oak hill, Tor
Lysons Mrs. & Miss, Belvoir, Meadfoot rd
MacDonnell Misses, Orchard Hill, Middle Warberry road
MacDonnell Mrs. Orchard Hill, Middle Warberry road
McGowan Francis esq., Vale Lodge, Upton vale
Mackay John esq., R. N. Abbey Villa, Warren road
Mackie Misses, 2 Portland pl. Abbey road
Macintosh Charles Hills, esq. M. D., 5 Higher terrace, & at Cawsand
Madan Mrs. Spencer, the Elms, Tor
Madden William Herries, esq. M. D., Gorton, Lower Woodfield road
Maddock Col. the Cove, Park hill road
Maitland Mrs., 1 Osborne vil. Upton-vale
Maitland Wm. Esq., Park vil. Upton rd
Mallock Miss , Oakfield, Meadfoot road
Mansfield Misses., Birstal, Upper Braddon's road,
Mant Mrs. 21 Orchard ter. Abbey road
Mare John esq. 23Waldon ter. Abbey road
Marsden Mrs & Miss, Burntwoood lodge, St. Mary Church road.
Martin Misses, Park Hill house
Master Charles legh Hoskins, esq., Collingwood house; & at Barrow green house, Godstone, Surrey.
Masterman Rev Thomas, M. A. Highfield, Lower Warberry road
Milnes Misses, Fryston Lodge, Meadfoot road
Minter Major George, 2 Shrublands, Tor hill road.
Mitchell John, esq. 4 Torwood mount
Money Mrs. 5 Wellswood park
Montagu Mrs. Edgar, Ilsham, Lower Warberry road
Morgan ,General, Singleton, Middle Woodfield road
Morgan Mrs. General, Singleton, Middle Woodfield road
Moxon Col. Stratford, Teignmouth road
Mudge Nicholas esq. . Myrtle grove, Warren road
Mudge Richard Bell, esq., R. N. Rose cottage, Meadfoot lane.
Myers: Jaques, esq. the Warboro, Stitchill road.
Nankivell Charles Benjamin, esq. M. D.. Layton House, Abbey road
Nankivell Mrs. Albert cot. Abbey road.
Nepean Miss, 9- Lisburne crescent, Middle Woodfield road.
Nicholson Rev. William, Brotherton, Teignmouth road
Nicholson Misses, 9 Clifton terrace.
Oldfield Thomas, esq. Greenstead, Lower Warberry road .
Orange Rev John [lndependent] Vine cottage, Teignmouth road .
Paige Philip, esq. Montvidere house, Teignmouth road
Palk Miss, Exmoor cot. Stitchill road .
Parker Rev .Charles Frederick, Hartford cottage, Abbey road.
Paul Miss, 2 Mountain villas, Upton vale
Pearson Thomas, esq. Hillesdon, Upper Braddon's hill road .
Perry Miss, 1 Tamar villas, Warren road
Phelps Miss, Old Torwood road
Phillipps Miss, Lugwardine, St Mary Church road.
Phillips Henry Cranmer March, esq. Wellswood, Lower Warberry road
Phillips Miss, Derwent house, Middle Warberry road
Phillips Philip Lovell esq. M. D. Torville, Teignmouth road
Pincherd Miss, Stockton cottage, Teignmouth road
Pitcairn. Rev. David, Albyn Lodge, Torwood gardens road
Pollard William. Esq., Southland House
Pollard William jun., 1 Park crescent
Poulton Mrs. 2 South Street, Tor.
Power Rev., Maurice John (Catholic), 1 Banner cross, Abbey road
Price Miss, Old Torwood road
Price Hon. Mrs, 2 Wellswood park
Purdon Rev. Robert M. A. , 3 Cary parade
Putt Mr William, 15 Higher union street
Robinson Randolph Esq., St Catherine's , Tor
Rodway Henry Barron esq., 5 Park place
Rossiter Mr John, 13 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Rossiter Mrs, George Street
Roxburgh Rev Adam, 10 Wellswood park
Row John esq., 23 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Row Mrs, 23 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Row William Bickford esq., 23 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Rowe Mrs, Mount Pleasant, St Mary Church road
Rudge Mrs, Hesketh house, Hesketh Crescent
St. George Richard James Mansergh esq, Hatley, Lower Lincombe road
Sandham Mrs, Collina, Middle Lincombe road
Saunders Mrs & Miss, Ellacombe, Union street
Savile Mrs, the Grove, Park hill
Scoles Joseph esq., Shirburn cottage, St Mary Church road
Scoresby Rev William D. D. F. R. S, Grosmont, Lower Warberry road
Scroggs Misses, 1 Montpelier terrace
Selley Mr. Edward, 1 Claireville, Tor
Steppings John M. esq. Greenfield, Tor
Shedden Robert, esq, Torre Abbey
Sheppard Alfred Byard, esq. the Hove, St. Mary Church road
Shinner Mr.Jas. 29 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Short Mrs Geo. Agra villa, Hesketh road
Short John Hassard, esq., Hillsborough, Braddon's road west
Shute Theodore Henry, esq M. D. Adwell lodge Tor
Sinclair Right Hon Lord, Pilmuir, Tor Church road, & at Herdmanston, Haddington, & at Nesbit, Berwick
Sinclair Lady, Pilmuir, Tor Church road
Sinclalr Hon Miss, Pilmuir, Tor church road
Smith Col. Florence villa, Waldon hill ,
Smith Rev. William George Parks, M. A. Belvidere house
Smith Miss, Florence villa, Waldon hill
Smithwick Rev. William John, M. A. 4 Montpelier terrace
Spragge Fras. Hoare, esq. Octon house, Tor
Stabb William Wilkinson esq. Torbay infirmary
Staddon Mr. Thomas, 1 Bellevue, Higher Union street
Steward Miss, Lechallet, Braddon's road west
Stewart Robert, esq. 7 Park crescent
Stockdale Frederick Welton esq. 2 South Town cottages, Tor
Stonestreet Fetherstone, esq. San Roque, Lower Warberry road
Strong Capt. R. H., 6 Wellswood park
Strong Leonard, esq., Brampton, Waldon hill
Surtees Miss., Redworth, Old Torwood road
Sutherland Alexander esq. M.D. Silver hill, Lower Woodfield road
Swete John Beaumont, esq. 1 Park place
Tamlin Mrs. 12 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Tanner John Marshall Comins, esq., l Cary villas, Warren road
Taylor Rev. William, ,M. A. Warberry lodge, Lower Warberry road
Tetley James esq., M. D. , Belmont, Teignmouth road
Thomas Mr John, 1 Rock cottages, Tor
Thoresby Col. Charles, Waldon castle, Waldon hill
Tighe Robert Richard esq., Merton lodge, Middle Lincombe road
Timm Isaac, esq., Stantaway villa, Upton vale
Titchener Misses, Chichester lodge, Babbicombe road
Togood Baruch Isaac, esq., Braddon's villa ,Braddon's road west
Tower Alexander, esq. Crookham house , St. Mary Church road
Tracey Miss, St. Lawrence, Teignmouth road ,
Trant William Henry, esq. St. Ann's, Middle Woodfield road
Travers Mrs., Grey's lodge, Upper Braddon's road
Tucker Mrs. Lynsted, St. Mary Church rd
Turner Rev. Charles C., 1 Shrublands Tor hill road
Vivian Edward., esq., Woodfield ,
Wakefield Mrs. Gilbert, Trelawne, Teignmouth road
Walker Edward esq. Sorley, Park hill road.
Walker Joseph, esq. Broadlands, St Mary Church road
Walker Misses, Fortescue house, Warren road
Walker Rowland, esq ., Sorley, Park hill road
Ward Capt. R. N., Sydney lodge Park hill road
Ward Hon. Mrs., Sydney lodge, Park hill road
Ward Mrs & Miss, Springfield, St. Mary Church road
Warner Rev. George Townsend, M. A., Highstead, St. Mary Church road
Warrington Mrs. & Miss, Percy lodge, Abbey road
Were Mrs, Uplands, St. Mary Church road
Williams Mrs, Elm bank, Abbey road
Williams Mrs, 4 Warren place
Willyams Mrs Brydes, Mount Braddon, Braddon's hill road east
Wish Mr. William, 3 Park Street
Wolfe Richard Robbins, M. A. Furze park, St Mary Church road
Wollen Rev. James, I Portland place, Abbey road
Wyatt Mr. John, Braddon's hill
Yorke Hon. Mr., Kanescombe, Lower Warberry road
Zelley Mrs., I Southland house, Tor hill road


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