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strand_1780_small.jpg - 20876 Bytes

The Strand Ca 1780

Strand_1800_small.jpg - 23865 Bytes

From a pencil sketch of the Strand Ca 1800

strand_1830_small.jpg - 17199 Bytes

Print of Torquay Harbour looking towards the Strand Ca. 1830

early_print_of_new_road_small.jpg - 12440 Bytes

Print looking from Tor Abbey Sands towards the harbour showing the New Road on the left and the Public baths in the distance on the right. Ca 1850

shaws_yard_Beacon_hill_small.jpg - 26422 Bytes

Shaws boatbuilding yard and Bath Saloon ca 1856

Lawrence_Place_1857_small.jpg - 17020 Bytes

View of Lawrence Place on left, centre road was New Quay now known as Cary Parade, houses on right are Abbey Place with large house known as Waldon Castle on the top of the hill

Torquay Regatta 1864

Strand_1863_small.jpg - 17031 Bytes
The Strand and inner harbour Ca 1865

Torquay_oval_1890_small.jpg - 9121 Bytes

Photo of Torquay Inner Harbour area, a very good view with plenty of detail. (original is reverse printed on glass) Ca 1890 (the road on the quay side at the far side of the harbour is Victoria Parade)

Belgrave_Road_small.jpg - 20440 Bytes

A Fine terrace in Belgrave Road, now all converted to Hotels.

early_print_small.jpg - 39163 Bytes

A very early print looking towards the harbour and Warberry Hill, the large house on the left is Woodfield and still stands today although now surrounded by houses

Hesketh_Cres_old_small.jpg - 14531 Bytes

Hesketh Crescent -A very elegant Victorian Crescent, today it is the Osborne Hotel, in the distance, to the right, is Kilmorie, sadly now replaced by flats but keeping the name.

1850-print-small.jpg - 21809 Bytes
Torquay 1850, looking from the area of Torquay Railway Station

Princess-Pier&fleet-small.jpg - 15226 Bytes

Princess Pier and the British Navy fleet in Torbay. Date early 1900s, Princess Pier was opened in 1895

Torre-Abbey-withcows-small.jpg - 17354 Bytes

Torre Abbey Mansion- cows grazing on what is now Torre Abbey Meadow

Abbey Crescent, card dated on rear in pencil April 4th – May 2nd 1907

tram-at-Palm-Court-small.jpg - 17899 Bytes

Torquay Tram no 30 on Torbay Road outside of what was Abbey Crescent, later the Palm Court Hotel. Circa 1912

The Palm Court Hotel ca 1930s

Torquay-1890-small.jpg - 29133 Bytes

Torquay inner harbour, Vane Hill and Strand on the left. Ca 1900

caryparade-small.jpg - 31994 Bytes

Cary Parade, with St John’s Church top centre- I wish it looked like this today Circa 1920

Torbay Road near to Torquay Station and the Grand Hotel, a lovely study of life around 1911, it has everything- a tram, a pram, a bicycle, a hand cart

An unusual panoramic folded postcard posted 5th August 1908, showing from left to right

Princess gardens, Torbay Hotel, Waldon Hill, in foreground - Vaughan Parade, Strand, middle right- The Terrace, and St Johns Church. The road leading up to the right is Fleet Street.

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