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Devon-L is an e-mail mailing list, hosted by Rootsweb, for the exchange of messages relating to family history in the County of Devon, and is just one of a large number of similar lists for virtually every county in England- a full list may be found at

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O. P. C Project

The Online parish clerk (OPC) project was set up on Devon-L, and works by a volunteer adopting a parish or number of related parishes and acting as a collection point for information and resources and aiding other people's research by offering look ups from those resources.

To see which parishes have been adopted go to;-

To this end I am the OPC for Torquay, this includes the three ancient parishes of Cockington, St Marychurch, and Tormoham, all of which are part of modern day Torquay.

I have indexes or transcriptions for the following parish registers


Baptisms;- 1770 to 1840

Marriages;- 1754 to 1837

Burials;- 1780 to 1834


Baptisms;- 1767 to 1840

Marriages;- 1754 to 1837

Burials;-1740 to 1837

An index to the 1861 census for the parish


Baptisms;- 1755 - 1851 (ongoing project-will be up to 1860)

Marriages;- 1754 to 1837

Burials;- 1740 to 1837

The list of my holdings is added to virtually every week, so if what you are interested in is not listed just ask.

I also have extracts from various directories - most of which are elsewhere on this site.

I also have a copies of H. A Leathers transcriptions of the Monument inscriptions for Parish churches of St Marychurch, Tormoham and Upton St Mary Magdalene

Plus various history books, War memorial listings etc.

IF I CAN HELP, e-mail me at;-


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