TORQUAY, a beautiful village of modern date, is in the parish of Tor-Moham with Torbay, in the hundred of Haytor; 207 miles from London, about eight from Teignmouth, and between six & seven from Newton Abbott; situate upon a romantic recess of the northern shore of Torbay, and about two miles from the extreme point of the promontory called "Hope's Nose". It (or rather the parish) derives it name from tor, the saxon name for hill, and from an old quay which was pulled down about 40 years ago; since when a new one has been constructed, of hewn stone, at the expense of the late Sir Lawrence Palk, which encloses a beautiful basin, of a parallelogramic form, occupying about six acres; within which complete protection is afforded to shipping from southerly winds. The views around Torquay are delightfully romantic and picturesque, the buildings good, and the accommodation for visitors equal to those of any other bathing place upon the coast. Within these few years it has deservedly advanced in estimation as a watering place, and baths of all kinds have been established for the service of the invalid. It is also beginning to assume the importance of a market and post town; and arrangements are nearly complete to render its post office regulations independent of the neighbouring town, Newton, with which it has hitherto been connected in the receipt and dispatch of letters. The business of this place is very limited; a little is done in the coasting and Newfoundland trade; but it is principally indebted for its prosperity to the number and respectability of individuals invited hither, from all parts, by the warmth and salubrity of the climate, and the enchanting attractions of scenery presented at every point in its vicinage.
The places of worship are, a chapel of ease under the establishment, meeting houses for the methodists and baptists, and at Tor Abbey is a chapel for the Roman Catholics. In a charity school, on dr. Bell's plan, the children of the poor are instructed; and at Tor is provided a poor house for the reception of the indigent and infirm. Amongst the curiosities and antiqities of the neighbourhood , and the most conspicuous are, Kent's hole and Tor Abbey; the former, a singular cavern, about a mile from the town, is visited by every stranger interested in the wonders produced from the "wils vagaries of nature" The cavern extends about 600 feet beyond the entrance, and is terminated by a sheet of water; nature has formed in it many grotesque appearances; and lately have been dug out, from a depth of several feet, many elephants' and rhinoceros' teeth, supposed to have been antedeluvian deposits. Tor Abbey, the seat of Henry Cary esq, a princely mansion; ai its back may still be seen the ruins of a splendid Gothic monastery, which fell a prey, amongst other monastic establishments, to the policy which dictated their dissolution, in the time of Henry V111. A handsome market place was laid out here in 1822; the market days are Tuesday & Friday, and a fair is held on the 6th March. The Parish contained , in 1821, 1925 inhabitants; of which number , about 1,500 were resident in Torquay.
PAIGNTON is a village and parish, in the same hundred as Torquay, about three and a half miles from that town; situated at the western extremity of Torbay. The trade in cider is carried on here to a great extent; small vessels come up to this place , and discharge coals &c. and take on board the produce of the orchards. The living of the parish is a vicarage, of which the Rev. John Templar is the patron and officiating minister. A small fair is held on the Tuesday in Whitson week. The population of the entire parish, by the last returns was 1,796.


Applin Capt. John, Bagatelle
Bartlett John, gent., Marychurch
Bastick William, gent., Rose Cottage
Beard -, gent. Blagdon
Bedlake Edward, gent., 10 Strand
Beeke Rev. Henry, Park place
Belfield Rev. Finney, Primley hill
Belfield Rev. Finney, Jun., Primley hill
Benyon Mrs,. 8 Terrace
Bigg Mrs., Tor
Bristen Robert, gent., Marychurch
Browse Allan, gent., Paington
Browse George, gent, Goodrington
Browse Henry, esq, Yelburton
Browse Nichls., gent., Goodrington
Bruce Hon. Lord. Braddon's House
Bruce Mrs William, C., 13 Strand
Brunell Jno., gent., 4 Lower Terrace
Buller Lady, 4 Terrace
Burn --, Park Hill
Bute, the Marchioness of, 5 Terrace
Butfield John, gent., Meadow
Butland Robert Esq., Preston
Cary Edward, gent., 12 Strand
Cary George Esq., Tor Abbey
Cavannah Mrs, on the Quay
Clare Lady, 3 Terrace
Coleridge Rev. George., Marychurch
Dashwood Sir Chas., Braddon's Hill
Devon Capt. T. B. R.N., Sands
Distin John, esq, Yelburton
Distin Major John, Preston
Distin Thomas , gent, Shorton
Drake Col. George, Summer Lodge, Goodrington Sands
Dunbar Colonel, Cliffe House
Dunlop Henry, gent, Mount Pilier
Eastley Lieut. Y. R.N., Paington
Edwards Rev. John., Blagdon
Emery Capt., Hermitage Cottage
Farwell Col., Goodrington sands
Field Thomas, gent New Quay
France Richd. Esq., Hampton House
Gammell Major Wm., Braddon's hill
Gardner Mark esq., Paington
Gee Rev. Robert, Le Chalet
Gibbens Francis, gent., 2 Park st
Gill Rev., Paington
Grey, the Hon. Mrs., New Quay
Griffiths Richard, gent., Tor
Guildford, the Dowager Countess of., 9 Terrace
Hunt Nichls., gent., Coombe house
Jackson George, esq., Yelburton
Jackson John esq., Yelburton
Jennings Thomas esq., Paington
Johns Miss, Cottage, Park Hill
Jones John, gent., 3 Strand
Jones Martin, gent., 3 Park Place
Ketsell Lieut. Paington
Kitson Mrs., Paington
Kitson, Rev. William, Shiphey
Lakeman Peter, gent., 12 Strand
Leigh Miss, 7 Strand
Lewis Capt. Jno. R. N. Cadwell
Liddell George, Esq. Park hill
Linden Major, Livermead cottage
Lucas Capt. John. 2 Lower terrace
Lumsden Mrs. New Quay
Lyde James, gent. Paington
Lyde Lieutenant George, Paington
Lyon James, esq. Barnshill
Mair ,Miss, Tor Quay
McEmery Rev John, chaplain, Tor Abbey
MacKenzie John, gent. Mount Pilier
Marries Lieut. Ts. Goodrington Sands
Michelson --,gent, Polesome
Minto Mrs. Park hill
Morgan Anthony, gent. 9 Strand
Mudge Jn. Esq. Torwood Manor hse.
Palk Sir Lawrence Vaughan, bart. South hill house
Pattterson General. Tor Quay
Pinwell Mrs., Paington
Pittley Mrs. 2 Terrace
Preston Robt. Gent, Goodrington
Prowse Mrs., 12 The Quay
Prowse Sl. Gent. George street
Rathsdowne, the Countess of, Mount Pilier
Rawstorne the Misses, Tor
St. Quintin Rev. Geo., 6 Lower terrace
Sandon Lady F. Tor Quay
Seale, Col. John H. Torbay House
Searle Henry esq., Blagdon House
Shorting Henry, gent., 8 Strand
Simcox Miss, Quay
Spencer Edward, R.N. , Meadow
Strong Rev. Chas. 5 Lower terrace
Stroude Mrs, 6 Terrace
Thorne George, gent., Marychurch
Thorold Henry esq., Park Place
Warrington Mrs., Tor
Wellan Abraham esq., Tor Quay
Wellby Lieut. Richard, Quay
Wemys Mrs., Strand
West Mrs.,Captain, Paington
Williams Charles, gent. 2 Strand
Williams Mrs. New Quay
Woolcombe Capt. R. N., Paington
Wyse Thomas, gent, 8 Quay
Young Rev. James, Tor


Costill Jno., French. 4 Park place
Grey Elizabeth, 2 Park st
Grinfill Mrs. (ladies boarding) Tor
Mare Jno. (boarding) Cary's bldngs.


Bartlett Jacob, St. Marychurch
Cosserat Jas. Nathaniel Peloquin, Torwood lane
Kitson William. Old Quay


Ching Thomas, Paington
Dolton William, Paington
Gidley William, 1 Strand
Hill George, Braddon's Place
Nowell William, Park Lane
Wills John Hutton, Meadow

Hot, Cold, Showers, Sulphureous etc

Pollard Wm. Proprietor, on the Quay


Hammick John, Carner's Lane
Metherell Edward, Paington
Pope Matthew, Paington
Pope William, Paington


Cole Henry, Lawrence Place
Luscombe Richard, on the Quay


Abbott Joseph, Tor
Branscombe Wm, 8 Braddon's row
Hoyles Thoams, Paington
Lander Richard, 11 Quay
Lauder William, Torwood st
May Robert, 9 Braddon's row
Syms John, Old quay
Webber James, Paington
Whiteway Thos., Commercial road
Wills Richard, 5 Braddon's row


Harvey Jacob, Park st
Luscombe William, Meadow
Symonds Matthew, Paington
Wish William, Park st


Hannaford Gabriel, Paington
Henley Edward, George st
Luscombe Thomas, Mill st
Perrold William, Paington
Priston Thomas, George st
Staddon Thoams, Torwood st


Hearder Sarah, Torwood st
Stark William, Braddon's row


Perrold John, Paington
Rossiter John & Thomas, 3 Lower terr


Harrison James, Mill st
Havill Wm.,(and oilman), 11 Strand
Wyatt Rd. Tucker, Lawrence place


Churchward Thomas, Paington
Hunt Richard , Paington
Hunt Thomas, Shorton
Stabb John, Strand


Cockings Samuel, Mount Pilier
Rowe Robert, Braddon's row


Gidley William. Strand
Manning Henry, Quay
Marchetti Joseph. Quay


GLOBE, Robert Stark, New Quay
WEST OF ENGLAND, Saml. Crockwell.jun. Quay, & Saml. Compton, Paington


Distin John, Paington
Leech Richard, Paington
Metherell Edward, Paington


Bastard Henry, Paington
Blackmore John, George st
Buckingham John , Torwood st
Havill William, 11 Strand
Rossiter John., Paington


Braham James (to Her R. H. the Duchess of Clarence) Torquay


Commercial (and posting house), Thomas Cole, Torwood st
Poulton's Hotel (& posting house), William Poulton, Strand


Ball & Rendell, 12 Strand
Compton Samuel, Paington
Crocking Samuel, 8 Strand
Hall Benj. Ambrose, Lawrence place,
Tapley John, Tor
Whiteway Mark, Lawrence place


Goodridge, Richard, Paington
Prowse John. Meadow


Bulley John, Abbey place
Rossiter William, 3 Lower terrace
Sharland John, Waterloo place
Tozer John. Paington


Godfrey Carter, Quay
Godfrey Thomas, 3 Strand
Matthews John, 7 Quay
Mudge Nicholas, jun., 7 Quay
Rowe Robert, Carey's buildings
Slade Robert, 9 Quay


Brown Mary Ann, Torwood st
Hammick Ann, George st
Morris Jane, Paington
Mogridge My. Paington
Randall Mary Ann & Susan, Torwood st
Rowe Louisa, Torwood lane
Wright Eliza, Quay


Furse John. Paington
Langler Charles, Paington
Penticost William, 6 Braddon's row
Reed William, Torwood st
Ryder Thomas, Meadow
Selley Edward, Meadow
Way Charles, Torwood st


Denmark Alex. Braddon's hill
Foot --, Tor
Paget Robert John, Park st
Scully William, Park st


Dawe William, Tor
Hellings John, Torwood st
Lidstone John, Paington
Mortimore William, Torwood st
Symmons William, Torwood st


Haggerty John, Torwood st
Wyatt Mary, Terrace rd


Shaw William, Quay


Hingston Eliza, Mill st
Whiteway Johannah (and earthenware dealer), Strand


Bartlett & Cartwright, 6 Quay
Blackaller Jacob Bartlett, Tor
Goodridge John, Paington
Jolley William Rowe, Abbey place
Pollard William, South Lawn
Thompson John, Paington


Barnes John, Tor
Bridgman John, Commercial road
Lear John, Lawrence place
Satchwell Thomas, Ellicombe pl
Tapley John, Tor


Crown & Anchor, Sus. Goodridge, Paington
Crown & Anchor, John Syms, Quay
London Inn, John Hutchings, Paington
London Inn, Allen Wingett, Higher st
Ship, James Hanney, Paington
Swan, Joseph Turner, Cain's lane


Bowden William, Paington
Chasty William, Torwood st
Soper Thomas, 8 Braddon's row


Beasley Thomas, 3 Park st
Crockwell Samuel, Jun., Quay
Stabb Thomas, Meadow


Burridge William, Hair dresser, Mill st
Foster Henry, Wheelwright, Paington
Henley John Codner, tallow chandler, George st
Knighton Charles, tin-plate worker, Mill st
Prowse William, Brewer, Meadow,
Sims John, cooper, Torwood st
Stark Robert, ironmonger, New quay
Treble John, miller, Paington
Winsborow John, stamp distributor, New Quay

To Dartmouth- a coach every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday afternoon at one, and passes through Paington about two the same days.
To Exeter- The Royal Mail, from Poulton's Hotel, Torquay, every morning at seven- and a coach, every Monday Wednesday and Friday at ten. - a coach passes through Paington, on the same mornings at nine.

To Dartmouth, Exeter, &c. passes through Paington daily.
To Newton Abbott, Mary Perryman, from Torquay, every Wednesday- and Thomas Midland, every Monday & Thursday
To Plymouth, John Tozer, from Torquay, every Wednesday, goes through Paington

Coasting Vessels
To London, the Squid, John Slade, master,; the Feronia, John Joslen, master; the Fidelity, Walter Squires, Master; the Albion, William Bowden, master; and the Lord Nelson, Stephen Catt, master.- One of the above vessels leaves every eight days for Chamberlain's wharf, London.- Godfrey, Mathew and Slade, agents

POST OFFICE, Strand, Torquay, Samuel Rowe, Post master.- Letters from Exeter &c arrive every evening at seven , and are dispatched every morning at seven.- Letters from Newton Abbott arrive every morning at six, and are dispatched every evening at six.

POST OFFICE, Paignton. Samuel Compton, Post master, - Letters from Newon Abbott arrive every morning at five and are dispatched every evening at six.,- Letters from Totnes arrive every night at eight , and are dispatched at ten.

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