From Pigot’s Directory 1844






TORQUAY is a village, in the parish of TorMoham , with Torbay, in the hundred of Haytor, 207 miles from  London and 21 s. from Exeter; situated in a romantic recess of the northern shore of Torbay, between the mouths of the rivers Dart and Teign, and about two miles from the extreme point of the promontory called Hope’s Nose.’ The name is derived from “tor”, the Saxon term for a hill, and from an old quay, long since removed, a new one having been constructed at the expense of the late Sir Lawrence Palk, Bart, occupying about six acres: this fine basin is in the form of a parallelogram, and is a complete protection from the southern winds. The hand of taste, availing itself of the natural beauties of Torquay, has ornamented the singularly picturesque hills and valleys with houses and villas, which delight the eye by their elegance, and adapt themselves, by their position, to gratify the lover of a marine prospect, and to recruit the health of the valetudinarian. No watering place in the west of England can vie with Torquay for salubrity of climate and diversity of temperature. The elevation of the houses on the acclivities gives them the advantage of an invigorating temperature, whilst those in the rural seclusion of the valleys are surrounded by an atmosphere so soft and benign that the pulmonary organs of the invalid soon recover a healthy tone. The soil being marl, incumbent on limestone, is peculiarly dry; and this English ‘Montpelier,’ whilst sheltered from the piercing winds of the east and north-east, is open to the marine breezes from the south, imparting mildness to the winter months, and a refreshing coolness to those of summer. By a comparison of the registers of mortality for the parish of TorMoham with those of inland localities, it will be seen that the permanent residents attain to an average of longevity beyond most other places. The enchanting character of the scenery and the purity of the air attract a constantly increasing number of visitants every season, for whose accommodation hotels and boarding and lodging houses have been erected, upon a varying scale, adapted to the requirements of every grade of occupants—there are sumptuous mansions for the affluent, and lovely ornate cottages for the economical. The baths are of every kind, both for recreation and health; and those who prefer the illimitable ocean bath will find a fine beach, smooth sands, and every convenience for healthful im­mersion . The pebbles, which are found on the sea shore, named madrepore or zoophyte, are composed chiefly of three ingredients—first, an animal substance, of the nature of coagulated albumen, varying in consistency, sometimes being gelatinous, and almost liquid, at others of the consistency of cartilage—second, carbonate of lime—third, phosphate of lime”. They are manufactured into innumerable devices, and may be purchased of Mr. James Braham, goldsmith and jeweller. Among the lions of the neighbourhood there are two which ought not to be overlooked—‘Kent’s Cavern’ and ‘Tor Abbey.’ The former is about a mile from the town, and is a singular cave, penetrating a considerable dis­tance, and terminated by a sheet of water. ‘Tor Abbey’ is a stately mansion, and in its rear may be traced the ruins of a once flourishing monastery.

There is a chapel of ease at Torquay, places of worship for the various communions of dissenters, and a neat chapel for Roman Catholics. A superb building is being erected at tor for the instruction of children belonging to the established church. The population of Torquay or rather TorMoham parish in 1831, was 3,582, and in 1841, 5,982: in the year 1801, the parish numbered but 838 persons.

About a mile and a half from Torquay is the delightfully situated village of st. mary church; the only business of importance is the extensive marble works of Mr. John Woodley, where the Devonian marble is manufactured into tables and all kinds of ornaments. Population of the parish 1,668. 

In a deep secluded valley, at the distance of two miles from Torquay, reposes the romantic hamlet of babbicombe. It is exposed to the sea on the east, but the lofty rocks among which the houses are scattered, shelter it from the other winds, and from the rock that towers above the whole, Babbicombe has a singular appearance.

paington is a village and parish, in the hundred of Haytor, about two miles from Torquay ; situated at the western extremity of Torbay. The trade in cider is carried on here to a great extent, and small vessels which come up to the place, and discharge coal, &c. take on board the produce of the orchards. The parish church, of St. John the Baptist, is of considerable antiquity, having a tower ; and the interior is furnished with a screen of tabernacle work, and a stone pulpit elaborately carved in foliage. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Templar family. A fair is held here on Whit Tuesday. Population of the parish, in 1831,1,960; at the last census (1841), 2,500.


POST OFFICE, Strand, torquay, Samuel Row, Post Master.—Letters from london, exeter, &c. arrive every morning at a quarter past ten, and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter past three.

Letters from newton-abbots with the North and Irish mails arrive every evening at seven, and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter before four.—Letters from dartmouth arrive every afternoon at a quarter past three, and are despatched every morning at a quarter before ten.

POST OFFICE, paington, William Merson, Post Master.—Letters from london, exeter, &c. arrive every forenoon at eleven, and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter before three.—Letters from totnes arrive every morning at eight, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past four.



Abbott Mr. —, Duncan House
Alleyne Mrs. —, Rose Cottage
Anstey Miss Lucy, Lucerne
Atkins Mrs. Elizbth. Higher Union st
Atkinson Geo. Esq. Thornton Villa
Baldwin Barry, Esq. m. p. Rock view
Bartlett Mr. Jas. S. St. Mary Church
Bastick Mr. —, Rose Cottage
Beckley John, Esq. Paington
Belfield Rev. Finney, Primley hill
Belfield Rev. Finney, jun.Primley hill
Belfield—,Esq.Primley hill,Paington
Bell Col. Thomas, Paington
Bentall Mr. John, Furzewell House
Berry Mr. Nicholas, Paington
Bezzi Mr. Abery, Villino 
Blackmore Rev. John,3 Beenland pl. Tor
Bleazby Rev. William, Paington
Boyes Mrs. Catherine, Paington
Brittain Miss -, Belmont Cottage
Brown Mr. George, Goodrington
Brown Henry L. Esq. Barton Hall
Brown Miss Mary, St. Mary Church
Brown Mr. —, 9 Orchard terrace
Browse Mr. Allen, Paington
Browse Mr. Henry, Paington
Browse Mr. Nicholas, Goodrington
Buller Charles, Esq. Cadwell
Buller Lady —, 4 Terrace
Butland Robt. Esq. Preston     
Carr Capt. James, Anglesea House, Tor
Carr William, Esq. St. Mary Church
Cary Mrs. —, Tor Abbey
Causley Captain B. Grove Cottage, Babbicombe

Chester Miss Jane, Hexmore House

Clark Mr. —, 5 Lower terrace

Codner Mrs. —, Kingskerswell

Cole Mrs. Sarah, Hill gardens

Coleridge Rev. George May, a. m. St. Mary Church

Compton Miss Catherine, Paington

Cox Mr. George, Paington

Creek Rev. Edward, Kingskerswell

Dashwood Vice Admiral Sir Charles, Braganza Cottage

Dashwood Chas. Esq. St. Michaels

De  Valmont Rev.  Charles Emili, Lower Union street

Devon Capt. T. B, R.N. Paington

Distin John, Esq. Yelburton

Dowler Mr. Wm. St. Mary Church

Drane Thomas, Esq. St. MaryChurch

Dunbar General John Perrin, Braddon’s Cliff House

Elliott Mrs. —, Albert place

English Capt. —, R.N. the Vomero

Eyres Miss —, Babbicombe

Fanshawe the Misses, St. Mary’s

Fayle Rev. Richard, Bay Fort

Fearon Mr.Daniel, 27 Waldron terrace

Forrest Capt.Thos.R.N .Balsdon Lodge

Fowke Mrs. Elizbth.St.Mary Church

Fox Lieut.-Col.—, St. Mary Church

Froward the Misses, Paington

Garratt Mr. Francis, Ellacombe

Garrow Joseph, Esq. the Braddons

Gee Rev. Robert, Marldon

Gidley Mr. John, 15 Orchard terrace

Gill Mrs. Grace, Paington

Godfrey Mr. Carter, Orchard terrace

Godfrey Mrs. Mary, Kingskerswell

Goodwill Mr. —, 17 Orchard terrace

Grenfell Miss   Sophia,  1 Victoria place, Tor

Grey Rev. Harry, East Braddons

Griffiths Mrs. —, 9 Cary parade

Grownwater Major—, Paington

Hack Mr. —, Woodside

Hall Major —, Fern hill

Hare Mr.—, Rock end        

Harris the Rev.Dr.—,Cane’s Lodge

Coombe Harris Mr. —, Rooklands

Harrison Mr. —, Tor hill

Hartland M. J. C, C. Paington

Hedley Mrs. —,Orchard Cottage,Tor

Hernaman Mr. Wm.St.Mary Church

Holder John Cooper, Esq. the Castle

Howell Mrs. —, Beulah

Husband the Misses—, Irene

Hyne Lieut. Thomas, r. n. Paington

Jackson George, Esq. Yelburton

Jackson John, Esq. Yelburton

Jellard the Misses, Oak Cottage, Orchard terrace

Jervis Mr. John, Kingskerswell

Johnes Miss Ann, Woodbine Cottage

Kenyon Mrs. —, Park hill Villa

King Mr. William, Provident Cottage, Tor

Kitson Rev. T. Shiphay, Saint Mary Church
Kitson Rev. William, Shiphay
Lay Rev. —, Tor hill
Lear Mrs. —, St. Mary Church
Lee Capt. —, Lauriston Hall
Lee Lady —, Lauriston Hall
Leigh Rev. Peter, Woodlands
Leslie the Honourable and Rev. Sir H. St. Catherine’s

Loscombe Miss Jane, St. John’s

Lyon James, Esq. Furdon

Mackenzie Mrs. —, 8 Beacon terrace

M’Donnell Rev. T. M. South Town House

Mallock C. H. Esq. Chelston, Cockington

Mallock the Misses, Oak field

Mann Mrs. Louisa, Tor square

Manson Lieut.—, Kingskerswell

Martin Mrs. —, Parkhill House

Michelmore Mrs. Elizabeth,   Ebenezer House, Tor

Michelmore Mrs. Harriet, Paington

Mills Robert, Esq. St. Mary Church

Moore Lieut. John, Park st

Morgan General —, Elysee

Neck Rev. Aaron, Edgenswell House

Orange Rev. John, Penton Villa

Palk Sir Lawrence Vaughan, Bart. South hill House

Peeke Mr. William, Orchard terrace

Pengshraze Miss Eliza, Paington

Phillips H.C. March, Esq. Wellswood

Phillips John Rendle, Esq. Tor Villa

Phillpotts Right Rev. Dr. Lord Bishop of Exeter, Bishopstowe

Polldrd Mr. Wm. Southland House

Pouget Major —, the Elms

Preston Mrs. —, Kingskerswell

Rendell the Misses, Albert place

Reynell Rev. —, Tor square

Roberts Mrs. Harriet, Hay view

Robinson Miss—, St. Mary Church

Rogers Rev. Charles, Tor place

St. John Rev. —, 2 Victoria pl, Tor

Sanders Capt. F. r. n. Paington

Scudamore Mr. —, Rock Cottage,Tor

Seale Sir John  Henry, Bart. m. p. Torbay House

Searle Henry, Esq. Blagdon House

Sergeant Mr. —, the Knoll

Shedden Robert, Esq. Tor Abbey

Shore Miss Annabella, Paington

Sinclair Lord —, Pilmuir

Smart Mrs. —, Woodburn     

Smith Rev. William G. P. Tor Mount Lodge

Soddy the Misses, Paington

Southcote the Misses, Park Cottage

Spragge Mr. Francis  Hoar,  South Town buildings, Tor

Spragge Mr. William, South Town buildings, Tor

Statham Rev. Samuel F. 23 Waldron terrace
Steele Mr. —, Waldron terrace
Steward Miss —, Montpellier place
Stewart William, Esq. Paington
Streeten Rev. Edmund Charles, 6 Beacon terrace        

Strickland  Mr, —,  Elm  Cottage, Babbicombe

Studdy Miss Sarah, Paington

Sweeting Lieut. Wm. r.n. Broadgate

Symes the Misses, Tor

Thompson Mr. John, Paington

Thorne Mr. Geo. St. Mary Church

Tozers the Misses, Kingskerswell

Turner   Charles,   Esq.   Mushroom Cottage, Babbicombe

Turner Miss Sarah, St. Mary Church

Vivian Edward, Esq. Wood field

Wakeman Mr. William, Tor

Wale Mr. John, Kingkerswell

Walker Lieut. John, Cliff House

Warrington Mrs. —, Berner’s hill

Webb, Rev. Elias, Sladnor House

Wemyss Mrs. —, Apsley House

Were Mrs. Elizbth. Mount Villa, Tor

Whitbread Cary, Esq.Summer Lodge, Goodrington Sands

Whitehead Mrs. Eliz. Babbicombe

Whitehead the Misses, Babbicombe

Williams Mrs. —, Mount Braddon

Williams Mr. Chas. Meadfoot Villa

Williams Mr. John, Elm bank Cottge

Wilson Mr. —, Oak hill

Wyatt Mr. —, 3 Lower terrace



D’Almaine Sarah Margaret, Orchard terrace

Bull William, Paington

charity school, Paington—Alex. Fletcher, master

Congdon Elizabeth (boarding) Paington

Harvey Rebecca & Christiana, Market st       

Hernamen  Elizabeth & Ann,   St. Mary Church


infants’ school, St. Mary Church Elizabeth Waymouth, mistress

infants’ SCHOOL,Tor, Harriet Coleman, mistress


Lakeman Sarah Jane, Market st

Mare Elizabeth, Braddon’s row

national school, St. Mary Church John Bannister, master; Catherine Williams, mistress

national school,   Tor Mary Hayes, mistress

national school, Paington Hny. Cooksley,master; Eliza Cooksley, mistress


Paige William  (classical, mathematical, & boarding) Montvidere, Tor

Pengelly William, Braddon’s row

Sugg John Wyatt, Union st

Walker Lieut. John A. (classical & mathematical) Cliff House



(See also Surveyors.}

Gribble Edward Wynne, 8 Park pl

Harvey John T. 4 Park crescent



Marked thus *are masters extra in chancery, and commissioners for taking acknowledgments of married women.

*Atkins Thomas, Myrtle grove

Bartlett Jacob, 14 Waldron terrace

*Kitson William & Charles,Vaughan parade

Scarborough Sheppard, Paington



Burt William Charles, Strand

Crockwell Samuel & Co. (& general insurance brokers), 4 Abbey place

Raby Joseph   (and undertaker), 8  Victoria parade

Stark Robert (and undertaker), Adelaide Cottage


Butland Robert, Tor
Ching Richard, Paington
Coombe Joseph, Waldron terrace
Coose William, Paington
Crocker John, Kingskerswell

Daniels James, Paington

Hill Maria, Lower Union st

Jones William, 1 Strand

Lamble William, St. Mary Church

Lang William, 66 Lower Union st

Lethbridge Frederick John, 1 Victoria parade

Manning Henry, 4½ Victoria parade

Merritt Thomas, Tor square

Morgan John, Tor

Newberry James, St. Mary Church

Pater Aaron John, Market place

Peckins William, 71 Lower Union st

Pitts James, Higher Union st

Rattenbury Hugh, Waldron terrace

Searle William, Higher Union st

Sheppard James, Kingskerswell

Smale Richard, Lower Union st

Steer John, Lower Union st

Street Joseph, Park lane

Tarr John, George st

Veale George Paington

Way George, Kingskerswell

Waymouth John, St, Mary Church

Webber James, Tor

Wells John, Meadow

Windeatt John, Lower Union st



Vivian, Kitson & Co.Vaughan parade — (draw on Barnard, Dimsdale & Co. London)



hot, cold, shower, sulphureous, &c.

Beacon terrace—William Pollard, proprietor


Paington—Charles Troward, resident surgeon



Collins & Brown, I Braddon’s row

Croydon Edward, 10 Victoria parade

Lyons L. 9 Victoria parade



Burton Samuel, Paington

Cawdle John, Tor

Evans John, Quay

Gilley George, Market st

Hammick John, Swan st

Heath Robert, Swan st

Lamble William, Lower Union st

Metherell Allen B. Paington

Metherell John, Paington

Pope James, Paington

Pope Richard, Paington

Sandford James, St. Mary Church

Short Thomas, Tor place

Tapper Richard, Market st



Marked thus * are also Libraries.

*Barrett Grace, 1 Cary parade

*Cockrem   Edward (and   binder), 10 Strand

Doige John Sweet, Lower Union st

*Elliott William, 1 Vaughan parade

Hall Wm. Hamblin, Lower Union st

Tappenden Edward, Paington



Abbott Thomas, Tor

Ash John, Tor place

Bearne Andrew (from 308 Regent st, London), 24 Lower Union st

Bridgman Samuel, Market st

Chenoweth William, Higher Union st

Dart Charles, Market st

Hockings James, Warren place

Lander William, 10 Victoria parade

Langdon Richard, Paington

Legge Philip, Lower Union st

May Robert, Lower Union st

Parker Thomas, St. Mary Church

Piller William, St. Mary Church

Rawley John, 6 Maddon’s row

Shapley John, Fleet st

Stidworthy Richard, George st

Thomas Edward, Lower Union st

Thomas Robert, Higher Union st

Tozer George, Paington

Way James, Tor

Waymouth Samuel, St.Mary Church

Waymouth William,St.Mary Church

Webber James, Paington

Wheeler John, Market st



Bridgman John, Lower Union st

Bridgman Samuel, Warren place

Prowse William, Warren place



Angel John, 72 Lower Union st

Bailey John (and undertaker) Lower Union street

Bowden Thomas, St. Mary Church

Bridgman Thomas (and undertaker) 86 Lower Union street

Coysh William, Oak cottage
Dashper George, Fleet st
Davey Richard, St. Mary Church
Hall Wm. Hamblin, Lower Union st
Harvey Jacob (and proprietor of furnished and other houses) 6 Park crescent
Harvey John T. & William, 4 Park crescent
Luscombe William, Lower Union st
Mayne William, Orchard terrace
Pearse John, Tor
Peeke Edwin, Torquay
Pope James, Lower Union street
Rossiter John, Waldron terrace
Rossiter Thomas, George st
Taylor Richd. Henley, 10 Orchard ter
Taylor Saml. Henley, St.Mary Church
Taylor William, St. Mary Church
Toser John Rich King, Paington
Towell David, Tor
Towell William, Paington
White Samuel, 36 Lower Union st
Wish William (& proprietor of furnished houses to let) 3 Park st
Woodley Danl. jun. St. Mary Church



Addems William, Lower Union st

Beal George, Market st

Carter John, Paington

Churchward Matthew, Fleet st

Churchward Thomas L. Paington

Drew George, Lower Union st

Grills John, Kingskerswell

Hannaford Gabriel, Paington

Luscombe John, Kingskerswell

Luscombe Thos. 67 Lower Union st

Medland John, St. Mary Church

Miller Andrew (pork) Paington

Nickels Christphr. St. Mary Church

Parnell Thomas, Paington

Priston Thomas, Market st

Rossiter Frederick, Market st

Skelton William, Tor

Soper William, Paington

Staddon Thomas, Market st

Stokes Richard, Higher Union st

Toser William, St. Mary Church

Tully George, Tor

Tully John, Higher Union st

Weeks James, Fleet st



Bailey John  (and   paper hanger) Lower Union street

Burt  William  Charles  (and paper hanger) Strand

Crockwell Henry, Lower Union st

Gasking William, Babbicombe

Jenkins John, Tor square

Lyons Charles, 9 Victoria parade

Matthews John R. Victoria parade

Oliver Thomas, 8 Maddon’s row

Srodzinsky Stanislaus (& upholsterer and French polisher) Tor square

Wotton James, Lower Union st



Jenkins George, Madrepore place
Lear Thomas, Coombe-Trafford
Pearse Thomas, Fleet st   
Richards Thomas, 80 Lower Union st
Sewarn William, Swan st
Wotton John, Market st



Adams Elias, Lower Union st

Buck Edward, Lower Union st

Carder William, Higher Union st

Dashper George, Heat st

Rendell Thomas, 4 ½ Strand



Carnell Henry, Paington

Havill Paul, 11 Strand

Lansdale Charles, 78 Lower Union st

Merson William, Paington

Paige Thomas, Market st

Weeks Caleb, 83 Lower Union st

Wyatt Richard Tucker (to Her Majesty) Lawrence place



Churchward Thomas, Paington

Codner Richd.& Sons, Kingskerswell

Hunt Richard, Paington

Hunt Thomas, Paington

Woodley Wm. Laburnam place, Tor



Butland George, Higher Union st

Edwards & Ash, Lower Union st



Cockings Samuel & Co. Quay

Godfrey Abraham (and corn & seed factor) 16 Victoria parade

Godfrey Thomas, 3 Strand

Murch Charles, Paington

Raby & Co. Quay

Rowe Robert, Mount pleasant



Jones William, 1 Strand

Lethbridge Frederick Job, 1 Victoria parade

Pater Aaron John, Market st



Bond Samuel, Kingskerswell

Fowler Samuel, Lower Union st

Hannaford Thomas, Barton

Mudge Richard, jun. Market st

Sins John (and lath render) Quay



Fox Charles Prideaux, 17 Victoria parade



argus (life) J.C. Stark, 13 Strand

britannia (life) J. R. Matthews, Victoria parade

british and commercial   (life) Abrahm Godfrey,15 Victoria parade

clerical, medical & general, R. T. Wyatt, Lawrence place

crown (life) Wm.Elliott,1 Vaughan parade

dissenters’, Charles Lansdale, 78 Lower Union street

dissenters’, Edward Tappenden, Paington

globe, Robert Stark, Adelaide cottage
guardian, Thomas Atkins, Myrtle grove

imperial, J. C. Raby, 8 Victoria parade
london, J.T. Harvey, Park crescent
norwich union, Paul Havill, 11 Strand

star (life) Joseph Morgan, Tor

Sun, J. P. Farrant, 8 Lwr. Union st

temperance provident (life) Edmund Peckover, Braddon’s row

union, Caleb Weeks, 83 Lr.Union st

west of england, Thomas Beasley, 6 Victoria parade        

western (life) Wm.Merson,Paington
yorkshire, William Peckins, 71 Lower Union st





Narracott Elizabeth, Lower Union st

Park Jane, Braddon’s row

Pepprell John, Lower Union st



Braham James (and artist in every description of madrepore manufacture, from pebbles found on the sea shore), 8 Strand

Jacobs Alexander (and madrepore worker), 14 Strand



(See also Shopkeepers, &c)

Abbott Elizabeth, Tor square

Amphlett James, Lower Union st

Carroll & Fisher, 2 Strand

Chenoweth William,Higher Union st

Distin Grace, Paington

Goss William, Braddon’s row

Grubb Charles, Abbey place

Holmwood & Narracott, 10 Strand

Rowe John, Lower Union st

Slade John, Abbey place

Way Charles, 13 Victoria parade

Wootton Mary, Tor

Wyatt John Henry, Fleet st



Arnott John (& glover), 1 Abbey pl

Chenoweth  William   (and   clothes dealer), Higher Union st

Ford Mary, Market st



(See also Taverns &Public Houses.

Hearder’s Hotel, Sarah C. Hearder, Victoria parade

London Commercial Inn,   Thomas Wolfinden, Fleet street

Royal Hotel, Maria Webb, Strand

Torbay Inn, Richard Smerdon, Tor



Farrant John P. 8 Lower Union st
Hambling Edward, Market st
Stark John  Cowell  (and Savings Bank), 13 Strand
Wakeman Nicholas,77 Lower Union street



Andrews   Elizabeth   and   William Brunswick place, Tor

Baker James, Lower Union st

Brown Frederick, Lower Union st

Chenoweth William,Higher Union st

Chilcott Jos.Webber,Lower Union st

Dashper Henry, 5 Strand

Goss John & Co. Lower Union st

Hatch Charles, 12 Strand

Hodge Charles, Fleet st

Mann John & Son, 2 Victoria parade

Penny John, Paington

Tappenden Edward, Paington

Whiteway Mark, Lawrence place

Wilson Richard, Paington



Abbott Joseph, Tor square

Cawdle John, Tor

Tucker Henry, Park st

Turpin Charles, 79 Lower Union st

Wolfinden Thomas, Fleet st



Sharland John (and seal engraver); Lower Union street

Woodley John, marble works St. Mary Church



Adams Elias, Lower Union st

Buller John, Braddon’s row

Clarke Joseph, 14 Orchard terrace

Dyer Thomas, Paington

Parker John, 49 Lower Union st

Shinner James, Meadow

Widger William, Lower Union st

Wish James, Warren place



Cockings Samuel, Lower Union st

Godfrey Abraham,15 Victoria parade

Mudge & Co. Victoria parade

Raby & Co. 8 Victoria parade

Rowe Robert, Mount Pleasant

Slade Robert J. 12 Victoria parade



Coombe William, Kingskerswell

Peckins William, Lower Union st



Abbott Agnes, Madrepore place

Bailey Ellen, 5 Madeira place, Tor

Beard Susannah, St. Mary Church

Cawdle Mary Ann, Tor

Clarke Elizabeth, 14 Orchard terrace

Cumming Hannah, Market st

Davey Elizabeth, Lower Union st

Gilley Jane, Market st

Hamlyn Martha, Tor

Hammack Mary, 6 Maddon’s row

Kempster Mary, Vaughan parade

Knighton Emma, Fleet st

Knott Ellen, Meadow

Legge Agnes, Lower Union st

Lemon Ellen Hickman, Braddon’s row

Magrant Mary Ann, Lower Union st

Sheenner Mary Ann, 3 Maddon’s row

Smith Harriet, Lower Union st

Steer Susan, 85 Lower Union st

Stilling Mary Ann, Higher Union st



Melluish Wm. 90 Lower Union st

Poulton William, 4 Vaughan parade



Morgan Joseph, Torbay Horticultural Establishment, Tor



Barns William, Higher Union st
Beavis George, Lower Union st
Deller Edwin, Paington
Langler Charles, Paington
Parr Thomas, Lower Union st
Pentecost William, Park st
Pook John, Lower Union st
Rendell Thomas, 4 Strand      
Richardson George, 3 Waldron terrace
Rider Thomas, Warren place        
Rowland John, George st
Selley Edward (and paper hanger), Madrepore place                       


Ardley Daniel, 12 Braddon’s row

Ball George Robert, 12 Strand

Biggs Henry, Paington

Elliott William, 74 Lower Union st

Ellis James (and dealer in artificial flowers), Strand

Rowe Solon, Lower Union st

Wannell John, Lower Union st



Battersby Robert, Glen Cottage
Beamish Saml.Stephen, 4 Lower terrace
Feild John James, 2 Park crescent
Haward Edwin, Madeira Villa
Lucas Carr Ellison, Tudor Lodge   
Mackintosh Chas. Hills, 2 Park place
Madden Wm. Herries,3 Park place
Parkin Henry, Marine Villa       
Phillips Lovell P. L. Tor Villa     
Sutherland Alexander Robert, Silver hill House                                    
Tetley James, Bellmont



Mauley Thomas, Lower Union st

Matthews Fredk. Albert place, Tor

Nicholls William (and madrepore worker), Lower Union st

White Samuel, 36 Lower Union st



Bridgman Daniel, Higher Union st
Dart Christopher, 5 Fleet st
Huxham William (& game dealer) Market st
Johns Robt. Shute (& game dealer) 4 Abbey Place
Low Henry, Brunswick place, Tor
Woodley C. Market st




Barns Rd. (music), Higher Union st

De Valmont Rev. Charles Emili (of ancient and modern languages) Lower Union street

Gedye John (music),St.Mary Church

Heath Robert (of writing and navigation), Braddon’s row



Dawe John, Barton

Gardner Charles, Paington

Lidstone Thomas, Paington

Mortimore William, Market st

Symmons William, Market st




Nickols William, Lower Union st

Wyatt Mary, Higher Terrace road



Eales John, Beacon yard

Shaw William, Beacon yard



Adams William, St. Mary Church

Bunker William, Lower Union st

Coombe William, Higher Union st

Hammett Susan, 65 Lower Union st

Harvey William, Market st

Hellings John, Lower Union st

Henley Mary Codnor, Paington

Hookway Jane, St. Mary Church

Howe James, Kingskerswell

Hoyles William, Paington

Lowe Elizabeth, Paington

Matthews Thomas, Lower Union st

Medland Thomas, Waldron terrace

Paddon John, Higher Union st

Patterson James, Park st

Pugsley James, Higher Union st

Quint John, Tor place

Rossiter John, Paington

Ruby Mary, Lower Union st

Simms Dorothy, Braddon’s row

Trist Charlotte, Lower Union st

Westlake Thomas, Barton

Woodley Margaret, St. Mary Church



Burton Chas. 7 Maddon’s row  

Lemon Ellen Hickman,  Braddon’s row

Soper John, Lower Union st

Wills Sarah, St. Mary Church



Cook Elizabeth, Higher Union st

Davey Elizabeth, Lower Union st

Goodridge Ann, Paington

Hammack Mary, 6 Maddon’s row

Horsey Eliza, Lower Union st

Howards & Hutchings, Meadow

Legge Agnes, Lower Union st

Mugford Mary Ann, 13 Braddon’s rw

Parker Susan, 49 Lower Union st

Pook Jane, 91 Lower Union st

Satchwell Jane, Madrepore place

Stilling Mary Ann, Higher Union st

Weeks Townsend, 81 Lwr. Union st

Williams Mary, Paington



Appleton Henry (and to the Torquay district & Newton-Abbots Union), St. Mary Church

Atkins Alfred, Paington

Blackaller Jacob Bartlett, 2 Madeira place, Tor

Bradshaw William, St. Mary Church

Browse Henry James, Paington

Goodridge John, Paington

Jolley & Son, 2 Abbey place

Stewart Robert, 7 Park crescent

Tanner Jno.M.C.1 Madeira place,Tor

Toogood Baruch, 9 Higher terrace

White Alex. Paington       

Williams David Paulett, R.N. Kingskerswell



(See also Architects and Surveyors.)

Luscombe Richard, Warren place

Stark Robert, Adelaide cottage

Taylor Richard Healey, 10 Orchard terrace

Wish William, 3 Park st



Barnes John, Tor

Bearne George (from Thayer street, Manchester square, London), 24 Lower Union street

Burridge Samuel, Market st

Burton Charles, 7 Maddon’s row

Colton Samuel, Market st

Cook Charles, Higher Union st

Densum John, Paington

Drew John, St. Mary Church

Evans George, Paington

Evans William, Paington

Harris Robert, 2 Market st

Jackman Alexander, Swan st

Lear John, Lawrence place

Mugford Richard, 13 Braddon’s row

Perring John, Park st

Pook John, Higher Union st

Sandford William, Lower Union st

Satchwell Thomas, Madrepore place

Toms John, St. Mary Church

Toms Josiah, 5 Braddon’s row

Webber Richard, Paington

Weeks Thomas, Victoria parade

Williams Walter, Paington

Winsor Thomas, Paington

Youldon Edmund,  Lower Union st



Henley Wm. Codnor, Lwr. Union st

Rossiter Thomas. George st



Cary Arms,William Gasking, Babbicombe
Castle Inn, Thos. Watson, Lower Union st
Commerciall Elizabeth Bradley, St. Mary Church
Joseph Vinnicombe  Rowe, Market st
Crown and Anchor, Susannah Goodridge, Paington
Exeter Inn,   John Mogridge, 75  Lower Union st
Globe, Thomas Lugg, Higher Union st
Globe, Daniel Millman, Paington
Half Moon, William Dear,Lower Union st
London, Edwin Towell, Paington
London Commercial Inn, Thomas Wolfinden, Fleet st                              
Lord Nelson, Richard Hackaday, Kingskerswell
Manor Inn, Richard French, Kingskerswell                                         
Maritime Inn, George Dreaton, Victoria parade
New Inn, George Syms, St. Mary Church
Palk’s Arms Henry Adams,CoombePafford
Parker’s Arms, Nicholas Carey, Collerton
Rising Sun, Eleanor Searle, Tor place
Rough Wood Inn, Susan Horne, Babbicombe
Seven Stars,  Richard  Williams, Kingskerswell
Star, John Syms, Higher Union st
Swan, John Turner, Swan st
Torbay Inn, William Reynolds, Paington
Torbay Inn, Richard Smerdon, Tor
Victoria, Thomas Kemp, Market st
Victoria, William Mudge, Paington
William IV, Philip Nickels,Madrepore pl



Bridgman John, Lower Union st

Cockings Samuel, Lower Union st

Crossman John, Lower Union st

Stooke John, Kingskerswell

Stooke William, Kingskerswell



Boyd James, Paington

Corras William, Paington

Dyer William, Higher Union st

Pyle Thomas, Higher Union st

Snell Samuel, Braddon’s row



         Webb John, 78 Lower Union st



Braham James(& engraver) 8 Strand

Lear Samuel, 1 Strand

Trist James, Braddon’s row

Turner George, Lower Union st

Waycott Robert, 9 Braddon’s row



Beasley Thomas, 6 Victoria parade

Codner   Richard,   jun.   (brandy], Kingskerswell

Prowse Mary Ann, Palk st



Adds Thomas, turner and tea dealer, Braddon’s row
Boyne Thomas William, drill and music master, Tor
Bridgman John,beer retailer,Lwr.Union st
Chapman Eliz.lacemaker,LowerUmon st
Crabb James, dyer, Madeira place, Tor
custom House.Victoria parade—Nichs. Mortimore, principal officer

Down William, eating-house, Market st

Garrett Edward, beer retailer,Tor

gas works, back of Lower Union st— Samuel Short, manager

Gillham Henry, wheelwright, Paington
Godfrey Fras. sail maker, Victoria parade
Hearder Lawrence, house agent, Victoria parade
Kabbel   George,   beer retailer,   Higher Union st
Mardon & Paris,portrait painters, Fleet st
Mudge Nicholas, harbour master, 7 Vic­toria parade
Nicks Anthony, rope maker, Paington
Nosworthy John, chair maker, Paington
Oak John, block and pump maker, Quay
Palmer Gilbert Halse, carver and gilder, 38 Lower Union st
Perryman —, eating-house, Lower Union street
public rooms, Vaughan parade
Rowe Eliza and   Louisa, transferers  of ladies’ fancy work, Lower Union st

Rowe Eliz. toy dealer, 4 Victoria parade
Seales Thos. beer retailer,St.MaryChurch
Slade Abraham, gardener, Tor square
stamp office, Victoria parade—G. E. Hearder, sub-distributer
temperaNCE MEETING ROOM, Braddon’s row
Town hall, Lower Union st—Charles Kilby, inspector of the police

Waycott Robert, organ builder, Paington

Weeks Ann, lace maker, Braddon’s row

Winsor Richd.clogmaker.Waldron terrace

Winsor William, basket maker, Paington

Yeo Isaac, fly owner, Lower Union st



Of Births and Deaths (and assessor and collector, of assessed, property, and in­come taxes), Wm. Prowse, Warren pl

Of Births & Deaths, Jno. Rossiter,Paington

Of Marriages, Caleb Weeks, 83 Lower Union street
Of Marriages, Charles Kelby, Vaughan parade



To  DARTMOUTH & BRIXHAM, the Royal Mail, from the Royal Hotel,every morning at half-past ten—and the Sub­scription, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon at half-past three.

To EXETER, the Royal Mail, from the Royal Hotel, every afternoon at half-past three— the Nautilus, from. Hearder’s Hotel, every morning at eight— the Sub­scription, from the Royal Hotel, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—and the Defiance, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; all go thro’ Teignmouth.

To   EXETER, the Victoria, from the Royal Hotel,  every morning at eight; goes through Newton-Abbots.

To NEWTON-ABBOTS, by the Victoria Coach to Exeter.

To PLYMOUTH, Reynolds’s Omnibus, from the London Inn, every Wednesday morning at nine ; goes through Paington and Totnes.

To TEIGNMOUTH, by Exeter coaches


To ASHBURTON, — Edgecombe, from the Maritime Inn, every Mon. and Fri. To BOVEY TRACEY, - Winsor, from the Maritime Inn, every Saturday,goes through Newton.

To DAWLISH, — Lake, from the Commercial Inn, every Wednesday & Sat. 

To EXETER, - Medland & — Madge, from George street, and — Stephens and

Burton, from the London Inn, daily, and — Luscombe and — Tozer, every Monday and Thursday.

To NEWTON-ABBOTS, — Cornish and— Perriman, from the London Inn, every Wednesday

To PLYMOUTH, — Stephens and — Burton, from the London Inn, daily; and — Tozer, every Tuesday.

ToTEIGNMOUTH, —Elliott, from the London Inn, daily.

To TOTNES, — Cornish and — Perriman, from the London Inn, every Saturday— also by the Plymouth carriers.



To LONDON, the Zephyr, every Thursday (according to the tide), to the Dublin Steam Packet wharf—Cockings and Co. agents.


To LONDON, the Squid, the Teign, the Dart, and the Dispatch, to Chamberlain’s wharf.