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steam_bus_at_St_Mc_small.jpg - 19716 Bytes
Torquay & District Motor Omnibus Co steam Bus, pictured at St Mary Church circa 1905. In the background, on the left is the Hampton Court Hotel, central between the lamps is the memorial to Dr Chilcott.

Steamer_1_small.jpg - 7022 Bytes
Torquay Road Car Company steam bus ca 1907. Photograph actually taken at Ellacombe Green, the houses in the background are Ellacombe Terrace

tram_opening_day_1_small.jpg - 8212 Bytes

Opening day of Torquay Tramways Company system April 4th 1907. Photo shows trams lined up on Victoria Parade, with Strand, Terrace and St John's Church in background.

tram_opening_day_2_small.jpg - 8150 Bytes
Another photo taken on Tramways opening day. When opened the Torquay tram system used the Dolter system of studs in the roadway instead of overhead wire

tram_no_12_small.jpg - 8940 Bytes
Tram No 12, taken on an unknown date, but still operating on Dolter system

Strand&Tram-small.jpg - 17213 Bytes
The Strand in Torquay, with the Mallock Memorial Clock tower, and tram No 15 passing by. Note the tram line layout and overhead lines

Tram-at-Smc-1930-small.jpg - 15685 Bytes
Tram No 13 at the top of Manor Road St Marychurch in about 1930

Rock-Walk-withGWR-small.jpg - 34921 Bytes

Torquay Seafront with Rock Walk as a backdrop. Great Western Railway bus travelling towards Paignton. Date pre 1911 as no overhead tram lines

Grey_Car_small.jpg - 18565 Bytes
Charabanc of The Grey Cars (undated but probably mid 1920s)

grey_car_1924_small.jpg - 22246 Bytes
Another Grey Car , this picture is dated 1924


C. J. Dimond & Son

Dimonds-wagon&trailer-small.jpg - 15037 Bytes

What can I say, except this is the firm my Grandfather worked for, for many years. Date, probably mid 1920s from Registration number

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