White’s 1850 Directory of Devon



COCKINGTON, a parish of scattered houses, 2 miles W. of Torquay, has only 203 souls, and about 1000 acres of land, extending to the cliffs of Torbay, where a great part of the sea wall was washed down Oct. 13th, 1849, but is now rebuilt. C. H. Mallock, Esq., owns most of the parish, and is lord of the manors of Cockington and Chelston. He resides at Cockington Court, a large stone mansion, in a well-wooded lawn; and is also owner of Livermead House, a beautiful villa on the sea coast. The Church is a small antique fabric, and the living is a perpetual curacy, annexed to that of Tor-Moham. C. H. Mallock, Esq., is patron, and also impropriator of the rectory, and has the power of proving wills here. Seven Almshouses, for as many poor people of this parish, were built by Sir George Cary, who endowed them, in the 6th of James I., with a yearly rent charge of £30, out of the manors of Cockington and Chelston. Seven new houses were given in exchange for the old ones about 1790, and there is a sum of about £230 three per cent, consols belonging to the charity. The seven almspeople are appointed by the lord of the manors, and each has a weekly stipend of 1s. 6d., and a new frieze gown and smock, or shirt, yearly. The poor parishioners have the interest of £88, left by George Baker in 1794, and of £20, left by four donors, and vested with the overseers.


Furse Mrs. Chelston House
Kellegrew Henry, dairyman
Lander Richard, parish clerk
Ley George, gentleman

Mallock Chas. Herbert, Esq.. Cockington Court

Murch. Mrs My. Livermead House
Sowdon Mr William





ST. MARY CHURCH, a handsome village and picturesque parish, with many neat mansions and marine cottages, overlooking Babbicombe Bay, may be considered as a suburb of Torquay, being only from one to two miles north of that "queen of watering places." The parish had 1668 inhabitants in 1841, but it has now more than 2000, about 100 houses having been built here during the last seven years. It comprises 2589A. 2R. 35p. of land, including the hamlets of Babbicombe, Barton, Combe-Pafford, Edginswell, and Collaton-Shiphay, all situated near the bold and rugged rocky cliffs of the southern recess of Babbicombe Bay, which is divided from Torbay by the bold promontory of Tor Point, or Hope's Nose. The road from Mary Church down to Babbicombe, near the beach, is on marble rock, and the lofty cliffs are of the same beautiful lime-stone, which is extensively got, and burnt into lime for agricultural and building purposes. The finer blocks are used as building stone, and in the manufacture of beautiful chimney-pieces, vases, urns, tables, monuments, &c., which are made here in great variety, at the extensive marble works of Mr. J. Woodley. Here are two good inns, and on the beach are two bathing machines, about 20 fishing boats, two yachts, and a coast guard station. A little south of Babbicombe is Kent's Hole, a large cavern, which has been explored about 600 feet, to the point where water prevents any further ingress. Bones of thehyaena, bear, elephant, &c,, have been found in it. About half a mile to the west is Anstey's Cove, a very romantic spot. Between the hills opening towards this cove, and at a-short distance from the sea, stands bishopstowe, the new palace of the Bishop of Exeter. This beautiful mansion, is in the Italian style, and was built in 1841-'2, from the design and under the superintendence of Mr. Gribble, architect, of Torquay. It is very irregular in its elevations, being composed of several projecting and receding parts, of various heights, forms, and sizes; one of which, at the southern angle, over-tops all the rest, and forms a square tower, with a pointed finial rising from the centre of its roof. The grounds in front rise in three beautiful terraces, connected by flights of steps, and the lower one having a fountain. The house has many handsome apartments, and reflects the highest credit on the skill of the architect; and the views from it and the grounds are varied and pleasing; so much of the sea only being visible as serves to enhance the beauty of the wood and rock in the foreground. Cadwell House, built by the late Sir Thomas Louis, who was created a baronet in 1806, is now the seat of his son, Admiral Sir John Louis, Bart. Shiphay House, another neat mansion, is the seat of the Rev. Thomas Kitson. Part of Edginswell is the property of the Rev. Aaron Neck,.who resides at the manor-house. The manor of Combe-Pafford belongs to Sir J. V. Palk, and that of St. Mary Church to R. S. S. Cary, Esq. H. L. Brown, Esq., Mr. D. Woodley, and several other proprietors have estates in the parish. The Church (St. Mary,) is a large ancient structure, with a tower and four bells, and stands on a bold eminence. The Dean and Chapter of Exeter are appropriators of the great tithes, and patrons of the vicarage, valued in K.B. at £31. 11s. and in 1831 at £375. with the curacy of Coffinswell annexed to it. The Rev. W. Maskell, M.A., is the incumbent, and has a good residence, but only an acre of glebe. R. S. S. Cary, Esq., is lessee of the rectory. The vicarial tithes were commuted in 1841 for £205 per annum. In the parish are two chapels, belonging to Baptists and Wesleyans ; and also National Schools for boys, girls, and infants, established in 1828, in a building given by C. Protheroe, Esq. The poor have the interest of £72, left by George Baker, and an annuity of 40s., left by Jacob Bickford in 1723.


    In the following Directory, those marked 1 are at Babbicombe; 2, Barton; 3, Combe-Pafford; 4, Edginswell; and 5, at Collaton-Shiphay,


Appleton Henry, surgeon

Bartlett Wm., Esq., Ilsham

Bishop of Exeter, Bishopstowe

Bradshaw Wm, surgeon

Brunel I. civil engineer, Watcomb

Carr Wm. & S., Esq., New Park

1 Castley Capt, E.N., Grove Cottage

Charlton Thos., Esq.

Daw Mr Wm

Domville Rev Danl. E., M.A. curate

Dowler Wm. gent. 

Drane Ts. gent.

Evans Thos. road surveyor, &c

3 Gedge Mr Jno. 

Hooper T. organt

Hannaford Thos. cooper & collector

Hatch Charles, draper

Johnstone Rev Wm. curate

Jones Josiah, hair dresser

Keble Rev Thomas, curate

Kitson Rev Thos., M.A. incumbent of Haccombe, Shiphay House

1 Lear Mr John, lodgings

Louis Admiral Sir John, Bart. Cadwell House

Marshall Storer, National School

Maskell Rev Wm., M.A. vicar and bishop's chaplain, Vicarage

Middy Hy. music professor

Moore John, saddler

Neck Rev Aaron, B.A. incumbent of Kingskerswell, Edginswell

Barton Parsons John, constable

Potts Thos., Esq. 

Phillips Misses

Russell George, chimney sweeper

Shairp Lieut. S. coast guard

Shore Hon. Mrs 

Strong Lud. gent

1 Stoyle Thomas, fly, &c. letter

Taylor Saml. Henley, highway surveyor, & agent to Union Ins. Co.

Thorne Geo. gent., Cary Castle

Waymouth Saml. parish clerk

Waymouth Sophia, schoolmistress

1 Whitehead Geo. gent. & Mrs Eliz.

Wills Sarah, staymaker

Woodley John, marble chimney piece, urn, vase, &c. mfr. Marble Works Woodley Daniel, marble merchant



1 Cary Arms Inn, Wm. Gasking

Commercial Inn, Eliz. Bradley

New Inn, Susan Horne

3 Palk Arms, Hy. Adams, (brewer)

1 Roughwood. Inn, Robert Rowden



1 Bulling Wm.

Lee John

Partridge Richd.

3 Waymouth Jno.



Hill Thomas

3 Littlejohn Jph.

3 Prowse George



Lamble Wm.

3 Littlejohn Jph

Matthews Thos.

Sandford John



Oliver John

Waymouth Saml,

Waymouth Wm.



Bovey Wm.

Medland John

Nickels Cphr.

Tozer Wm.



Ash Robert

1 Gasking Wm.

Lear Rt. cabt. mr,

Taylor Saml. sen

Taylor Sl.&Wm

Taylor Wm. sen.



Adams Joseph

3 Bowden Wm.

3 Collings Thos.

2 Dreaton John

Hall Wm.

4 King John

5 Mudge Thomas

3 Nickels Mary

2 Nickels George

Petherick John

Short Nicholas

4 Sowden John

Staddon Wm.

Walling John


grocers, &c.

Adams Wm.

Hookway Jane

3 Prowse George

Thomas Thomas

Wilcox Martha



2 Hoddar John

2 Mudge Matthew


masons, &c.

Bowden Thomas

1 Matthews John

1 Matthews Rd.

Thomas John



Hill Arthur

2 Mc Laren Jas.



Adams Edward

Drew John



2 Gange Wm.

2 Mc Laren Jas.


POST OFFICE at S.H.Taylor's.



Trains, &c. from Torquay.