Iron Foundries in Torquay.

WHAT!!! Yes, very true, Torquay actually had a number of iron foundries, from the Victorian era right up to the mid 20th century.

This is an ongoing research project,

Known foundries:-

J. C. Stark & Co,(second half 19th century)- Street furniture, household equipment, kitchen ranges etc. ALSO 1 example known of a Steam engine made by Stark, in Black Country Museum in Dudley, West Midlands. later Beynon & Cox. Building still stands, is now a Yates Wine Bar in Swan St. just off Fleet Street.

T. L. Harding & Sons,- Street furniture, railings etc. was in Market Street

James Webber,- only known example are roof support pillars in Torquay Market (1850s)- a James Webber is listed in a directory of 1869/70 as being in Market Street and may have been the firm that T. L. Harding purchased,

Upton Foundry- J. J. Sheppard (--- to 1898), J. J. Toby & Sons (1898 to 1922) said to have also been the first motor engineers in Torquay, & G. E Hider & Son (1922 to , Street furniture, railings etc.

William Cole, - unknown listed in 1851 census as ironfounder, may have worked for one of the foundries rather than in his own right.

If you can help with this research, please contact me- Terry Leaman