All taken from

White's History of Torquay, Published in 1878


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Rev. W. Brocklesby Davis M.A.- Apsley House

Frederick Thomas- Gentleman's Outfitter

W. Hearder & T. Riches- Dispensing Chemists

Watcombe Terra-Cotta Co. (Charles Brock, manager)

Imperial Hotel, (George Hussey, manager)

Bovey & Co- Dairy

Torquay Brewing & Trading Co.

D. Coombe- Bread & Biscuit maker

Seeley's Library

Wilkinson & Co- Wine & Brandy merchants

E. P. Bovey- Builder & Contractor

Thomas Oliver- Cabinet M'fger. House Agent etc

R. Grant & Son- Wine & spirit Merchants

R. Pinkstone, St Winifred's Abbey School & Library

W. Prowse- Ale, Beer & Porter Brewer

G. Taverner & Son- General Forage Dealers

J. Fouraker & Son, Ironmongers, Etc.,

Torquay Directory - Newspaper, printers etc

A. J. Davy, House Agent, Auctioneer Etc.,

Peter Thomas, Draper etc.,

Shapley & Austins- General Grocery Etc.,

Queens Hotel, (H. C. Bolt, proprietor)

J. C. Chenoweth & Son- Boots and shoes

Hearder & Grimshaw- Importers of Wines & Spirits

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