"Billings Directory and Gazeteer of Devon 1857"

Description, Residents and Tradesmen list


With Babbicombe, Barton, Combe-Pafford, Edginswell, Shiphay-Collaton, and Watcombe.

MARY CHURCH (ST.) is a village and parish, about a mile and a half from Torquay containing 2589 acres of land, and a population in 1851 of 2293 inhabitants, being an increase in ten years of 525, which is attributed to its proximity to the fashionable town of Torquay. The number of voters in 1857 was 107. Newton Abbot is the polling-district.

This place may be considered as a suburb of Torquay, from the great similarity in its style of buildings, it overlooks Babbicombe Bay, which is divided from Torbay by the bold promontory of Tor Point or Hope’s Nose. The principal objects of interest in this locality are Babbicombe Bay and Kent’s Cavern: the former may he reached either by crossing the Down, or by the high road, and will well repay all lovers of the grand and picturesque.

Kent’s Cavern is situated beneath a hill about a mile from Torquay and Babbicombe, extending to a circuit of about 700 yards. E. Vivian, Esq., laid before the British Association, in 1856, a paper " On the Earliest Traces of Human remains in Kent’s Cavern." His facts were chiefly derived from the original manuscript of the late Rev. J. M’Enery, F.G.S., and went to show that it was first occupied by the bear (ursus speloeus) and extinct hyena, the remains of which with the bones of elephants, rhinoceros, deer, &c, upon which they preyed, were strewn upon the rocky floor. Above the floor have been found remains of Celtic, early British, and Roman remains, together with those of more modern date. Among the inscriptions is one of interest as connected with the landing of William 111 . on the opposite side of the bay, "W. Hodges of Ireland, 1688." For a full description of this interesting cavern we must refer all parties to the proceedings of the Association.

Anstey’s cove is one of the most beautiful spots in this neighbourhood, its beach being divided into two by a pile of rock. On entering the Cove may be seen the elegant villa of Bishopstowe, the residence of the Bishop of Exeter. In this parish are the celebrated marble works of the Messrs. Woodley, where may be seen the Prize Medal Exhibition tables, and a variety of other specimens of the marbles of Devonshire. At Petit Tor are the marble quarries, where so many of the beautiful Devonian fossils are found.

The Church (St. Mary) is situate on high ground, and is useful as a sea mark. The edifice has latterly undergone considerable repairs, and as soon as funds are raised it is intended to proceed with other and more extensive works. The living is a Vicarage, in the patronage of the Bishop of Exeter. Rev. H G. Newland; Vicar.

FURR0UGH CROSS FREE CHURCH is a modern building , in the Gothic style of architecture. The church is supported entirely by voluntary contributions and pew-rents. Rev. John E. Gladstone, B. A., Incumbent; Mr. S. Waymouth, Clerk..

Residents of St Mary Church

Adams Mr. Henry, Albert pl
Bartlett William, Esq., Ilsham
Booker Mrs., .5. Victoria pl
Booker Rev John Kay, B.A, Assistant Curate, Fore st
Bowden Mrs., New Road Cottages
Boyle Mr. W, New Road Cottages
Buddell Mr John, 7, Albert pl
Carr Mr John, Albert Villa
Carr Samuel; Esq., Assistant Commissariat-General, The Quinta.
Coaker ;Mr. Edward, 2 Albert pl
Drane Mr. Thomas, Middle West Hill
Dowler William, Esq., The Hermitage
Dykes Robert, Esq Kilmorie
England Mrs., Cadwell House
Frampton Miss, Sydenham Villa
Garratt Mr. John J, 2, Park Crescent
Gilder Mrs., New Road Cottages
Gladstone Rev. John E B.A , Incumbent of Furrough Cross Free Church, 1, Park Crescent
Henly Mr. William C., Bank Cottage
Hernaman Miss, 4, Park Crescent
Jackson .Mrs., Plainmore
Lawrence Mrs., Park Villa
Lear Mr. Johln, Mont Ville
Lloyd Mrs., Lewesden
Louis Admiral Sir J., Bart., Cadwell House
Metcalfe Mr. William, Woodley Vale
Mills Mr. Robert.. Summerland House
Mitchell Major William , 2 Sea View Cottages
Narracott Mr., 6, Victoria Pl
Newland Rev. Henry G. M.A, Vicar, Vicarage
Northcote Major Hugh, West Hill Lower
Potts Thomas, Esq. The Daison
Shore Miss, Warborough Cottage
Tayleur William H., Esq. Hampton House
Taylor Mr. Samuel H., Albert Pl
Thorne J. Esq. R.N., Cary Castle
Ward Mr. Ambrose J.2, Albert Villa
Whittell William Morgan Esq. Cumberland Lodge
Waymouth Mr. John, Park Cottages
Waymouth Mr William, 6 Albert Pl

St Mary Church Tradesmen

Adams Richard, lodging house keeper
Adams William. Grocer and draper. 4, Victoria pl
Adds Thomas, tea & coffee dealer, Fore st
Angel Philip, butcher, Park pl
Appleton Henry, surgeon and medical officer for the district of St. Mary Church, In Newton Abbot union, Westfield Villa
Bartlett Wm., farmer, Ilsham
Bovey John Watson, victualler, New Inn, Fore st
Bovey William N., butcher, Fore st
Bowsden Ann, grocer, Fore st
Bowden Thomas, builder, Crescent p1
Boyne Thomas W., posture master, and professor of music, Crescent pl
Bryett John, saddler and harness maker, Fore st
Carder Andrew W. earthenware and brick and tile maker, Hele Cross
Chilcott Joseph Webber, brick and tile manufacturer,Lower Union st; brickyard, Hele Cross
Churchward Charles E, commercial school,Fore st
Cleave J., marine store dealer and fruiterer, Fore st
Coulman Thomas, glass and china dealer, Fore st
Damerell Thomas, Tailor, West Hill
Davey Chas. plumber, glazier,and gas fitter, Fore St
Daw William builder, Albert pl
Drew John, tailor, Fore st
Eales The Misses, lodging-house keepers, 3, Park Crescent
Eales Thos. Beer retailer, Queen Victoria, Fore st
Edgcombe William O., plumber, painter, glazier, and gas fitter, Fore st
Edwards Charles, corn and hay dealer, Fore st
Efford John, Police Officer , Fore st
Ellis Henry, butcher, Fore st
Evans Caroline, milliner and dress maker, 3 Albert pl
Farrant Samuel, farmer, St. Gregory's
Fox Edward, ship owner, Plainmore
Germon The Misses, ladies' Boarding Establishment, West Fields
Godfrey William, wheelwright Petit Tor Lane
Grant John, tailor; Fore st
Grant Joseph, engraver
Green David, Brewer, Palk Arms Brewery; h ;Mont Ville
Grover Charles, furnishing ironmonger, Fore st
Guy Thomas, lodging house Keeper, 1, Sea View Cottages
Hamilton Charles, solicitor, Petit Tor Lane
Hannaford Ann, glass and earthenware Dealer, Crescent pl
Hannaford George, baker and confectioner, Victoria Pl
Hill Arthur Thos, decorative house painter, Fore st
Hookway Jane grocer and provision dealer, Fore st
Joachim William, victualler, Palk Arms
Lamble William, Albert pl
Lamble William, blacksmith, Fore st
Lear John, taitor and woollen draper, Fore st
Lear Robert, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Fore St
Lee James baker and confectioner, Fore st
Littlejohns Joseph, victualler and family brewer, New Palk Arms
Manning Henry, lodging house and livery stable keeper, 1 Albert Villa
Medland John, farmer, Steps
Menneer Nicholas, classical and commercial school, 3, Summerland ter
Munro Sarah, milliner and dress maker, Plainmore
Nichells Christopher ,butcher, Fore st
Nickells Mary, farmer
Oliver John, shoe maker, Fore st
Osborn James, coal dealer
Pepprel Roger, shoe maker, Petit Tor Lane
PoIlard James, surgeon, Fore st
Railway ParceI Office, Fore st; Mr. John H. Bovey, agent
Reddaway James, bread and fancy biscuit baker, and grocer, Fore st
Rockett Thomas, carpenter, .Sea View Cottages
Russell George, chimney sweeper, Fore st
Sampson John, tin-plate worker, A1bert pl
Sandford John, blacksmith, Fore st
Scott Richard , butcher. Fore st
Short George Parker, farmer, West Hill Farm
Short Nicholas, sen; farmer, Fore st
Smith George, victualler, Manor commercial hotel, Fore st
Taylor Henry, lodging-house keeper, Linton
Taylor Mary Jane, Milliner and dress maker, Fore st
Taylor Samuel T., builder, and agent for the London Union Assurance Society, Fore st
Taylor William, carpenter, builder, and lodging-house keeper, 1, Summerland ter
Thomas John B., lodging house keeeper and mason, 2 Summerland ter
Toms Maria, milliner and dress maker, Albert pl
Tozer William, victualler,Commercial Inn, Fore st
Tucker John, poulterer and game dealer, Fore st
Tuckett William, farmer, Albert pl
Waymouth John, baker, Park pl
Waymouth John Staines, grocer and baker, opposite Park Crescent
Waymouth Samuel, shoe maker. Fore st
Waymouth Thomas, shoe maker, 2 Victoria p1
Whiddon Richard, fishmonger and poulterer Fore st
White William, tailor, Crescent p1
Whiteway William Henry, Chemist, Fore st
Willcocks Martha, draper and groccr, Fore st
Willcocks Richard, lodging-house keeper, Westburn
Wills Sarah, stay maker, Plainmore
Woodley Daniel, marble merchant, Fore st
Woodley John, marble chimney-piece, urn, and vase manufacturer, Royal Marble Works

Residents of Babbicombe

Atkyns Thomas, Esq., The Elms
Batson Mr. Alfred, Bay View
Bonar Mr William, C1iff Cottage
Charlton Mrs
Costley Captain T. Grove Cottage
Grey Rev. Harry, B.A, Marystowe
Maitland Colonel Frederick Thomas, Vine Cottage
Phillpotts The Right Rev Henry, D.D., Bishop of Exeter, Bishopstowe
Reece Rev. Wm. S., B.A., Assistant Curate, Westcott
Whitehead Mrs.

Babbicombe Trades men

Callard Thomas H., butcher
Cook John, Baker
Gasking William, victualler, upholsterer, and house agent, Cary Arms
Harris Robert, yacht and pleasure boat proprietor
Knight John, Farmer and dairyman
Lear John, lodging-house keeper, Rose Cottage
Loney Peter, Chief Officer, Master R.N., Coast Guard Buildings
Matthews John, Builder, Portland House
Matthews Richard, Builder and Beer retailer, Globe
Moore Richard, shop keeper
Partridge Richard, licensed to let carriages
Patten David, Chief Boatman, Coast Guard Buildings
Pulling William, baker
Terry Thomas, Beer retailer
Thomas John, madrepore worker
Turner Henry, victualler, Roughwood Inn
Winter John C., shopkeeper

Daw Mr. William B., Prospect Cottage
Chaffe James, carpenter
Cogswell Richard, farmer
Dreaton Mary, dress maker
Fadrick John, farmer, Edewell
Hall William, Clenon Farm
Mudge Matthew, farmer, Happerway
Nickells George, farmer; Barton Farm
Smale James, Farmer
Walling John & Thomas, farmers
Westlake Rebecca, shopkeeper
Waymouth Mary, shopkeeper

Grant Henry, marble mason
Gregory John, shoe maker
Short William, stone mason

Hayes Rev. Charles, Edginswell House
Churchward Matthew, farmer, Woodland
Soper Samuel, farmer
Soudon John, farmer


Kitson Rev. Thomas, M.A., Curate of Haccombe (magistrate), Shiphay House
Mudge Thomas, farmer
Staddon William, sen., farmer, Shiphay-Collaton and Odicknoll
Staddon WiIliam, jun., farmer


Brunel Isambard Kingdom, Esq., Portland Villa
Hodges James, Esq
Larpent Mrs
Whittell John Wylde. Esq., Belle Ville

POST OFFICE, Fore Street.-Mrs. Ann Bowden, Sub-Mistress.- Arrival, London,
8 a.m, North, 7 p.m.; despatch, London, 5 p.m, North, 4 a.m, Money Order Office,
POST OFFICE, Babbicombe.-John. Knight, Sub-Master. Arrival, 7 30 a.m. and
7 p.m; despatch, 4 30 a.m and 5 15 pm


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