Directory of Tradesmen at Torquay and Tor


Published in 1832 at Torquay by E. Cockrem, Printer and Stationer to His Majesty, Torquay.


Stabb, T. George-street.

Bakers and Confectioners.

Gidley, Wm. 1, Strand

Hill, George, near the Turnpike.

Manning, H. J. Old Quay.

*Lang, Wm. Fleet-building, near the Turnpike.

*Mardon, John, Commercial Road leading to Park Street.

*Putt, F. Commercial Road, between Tor and Torquay.

Wilcocks, John, Union Row

Those marked thus * are Bakers only.

Booksellers and Stationers.

Cockrem, E. (Printer and Stationer to his Majesty) 5, Mill-street, opposite the Lower Terrace.

Cole, P. Lawrence Place.

Croydon, — adjoining Poulton's Hotel.

Luscombe, R. near the Commercial Inn.

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Branscombe, W. (to her Majesty,) 8, Braddon's Row

Bridgeman, Saml. 5, Braddon's Row

Dart, Chas. No. 2, Park-street.

Lander, W. 1, Torwood-street.

May, Robert, Union Street

Babbage, (Patten and Clog Maker,) Torhill, Tor


Bridgeman, John, Union Row

Blackmore, John, Old Quay

Prowse, William, Near the Turnpike


Harvey, Jacob, Park-street.

Luscombe, W. near the Turnpike

Rossiter, John, Lower Terrace.

Rossiter, Thomas, George-street ,

Wish, W. Park-street.


Henly, Edward, sen. George-street

Henly, Edward, jun. Cary-street.

Luscombe, Thos. 6, Mill-street

Parnell, Wm. Tor.

Priston, Thos. Torwood-street.

Staddon, Thos. Torwood-street

Tully, John, Commercial Road, Tor

Cabinet Makers

Burt, W. C. 9, Strand.

Clampitt, G. Tor.

Hearder, S. C. Torwood Row.

Stark, Wm. (Dealer in Spode Ware,) Braddon's Row

Carver and Gilder

Way, Charles, 13, Old Quay

Chemists and Druggists

Harrison, James, 4, Strand.

Havill, Paul. 11, Strand.

Paige, Thos. 9, Torwood Row

Wyatt, Richard, 2, Lawrence Place

Cheesemonger & Seedsman

Shapley, J. R. Braddon's Row

Classical and Commercial Academy

Mare, J. 1, Braddon's Row

Coal Merchants

Brown, — Madrepore Place

Cockings, S. Montpellier

Godfrey, Thomas, 3, Strand

Row,—Gary Buildings

Winsborrow, J. Tor


Huxham, William, near the Market


Cawdle, John, Veterinary Surgeon to the South Hams Yeomanry. —Licensed to let Post Horses, &c.

Grocers and Tea-Dealers

Buckingham, John, Opposite Royal Hotel

Carroll, J. K. Tobacconist, &c.

Down, William, Torwood Row

Goss, William, Braddon's Row

Havill, William, 11, Strand

Henley, John, Chandler & grocer, 8, George-street

Michen, Elizabeth, Union Street

Pike, Ann, Waldon Steps

Prowse, Samuel, George-Street

Wheatley, John, Union Row

Wills, John,Grocer & Druggist, Tor

Hair Dressers, Perfumers, &c.

Ball,—Lawrence Place

Ellis, J. P. Abbey Place

Ironmongers, Tinmen &c.

Harrison, George, Old Quay

Hambling, E. Torwood-street

Stark, Robert, (Agent to the Globe Fire and Life Office,) New Quay


Mardon, Elizabeth, Commercial Row, leading to Park-street

Wills, Jane, Park-street

Linen Drapers, Hosiers, and Haberdashers

Dashper, Henry, 8, Mill-street

Rendell, I. and A. 12, Strand

Whiteway, Mark, 1, Lawrence Place

Milliners and Dress-Makers.

Bastow, Mrs. Union Row

Godfrey, Misses, 5, Torwood Row

Heath, H, & M. 4, Torwood Row

Kempster, Mrs. Park-street

Rendell, Mrs. Torwood Row

Dealers in Minerals and Shells

Heggerty, J. Old Quay.

Wyatt, Mary, 7, Torwood Row

Nurseryman, Florist, and Seedsman

Morgan, J. Torbay Nursery, Tor

Painters, Glaziers, and Plumbers

Parr, Thomas, Union Row

Pentecost, Wm. 6, Braddon's Row

Selley, Edward, near the Turnpike

Watson, Wm. 12, Lower Commercial Road, Tor

Way, C. Old Quay,


Kilby, Charles, Vaughan Parade


Mortimore, Wm. opposite the Royal Hotel


Straw Bonnet Makers.

Smallridge, Misses, Park-street

Tailors and Habit Makers

Dashper, Henry, 1, Mill-street

Lear, John, 2, Palk-street.

Perrin, John, Park-street.

Satchwell, Thomas, Madrepore Place

Sandford, William, Union-street

Weeks, Thomas, Torwood-street

Toy Shop and Fancy Stationers

Hearder, T. C. Torwood Row


Harvey, Jacob, Park-street

Hearder, S. C. Torwood Row

Luscombe, W. near the Turnpike

Stark, Robert and William

Wish, William, Park-street

White Smith and Bell-Hanger

Bastow, W. 2, Union-street

Wine Merchants.

Beasley, T. 6, Old Quay

Prowse, J. Park-street

Stabb, Thomas, 7, George-street


Braham, James, Watch-Maker, Goldsmith & Engraver

Jacobs, Alexander, Silversmith, and Jeweller (to his Majesty)


T. Medland, leaves Torquay for Exeter, through Newton and Chudleigh every Monday and Thursday morning returning the following days ; To Exeter, through Teignmouth, Dawlish, and Starcross every Tuesday and Friday mornings returning the following days.

J. Tozer, leaves Torquay every Tuesday, for Plymouth and Devonport; leaving Plymouth every Friday Morning on his return to Paignton and Torquay.

H. Heath, from Totnes every Tuesday and Friday, returning the same days.

J. Worth, from Totnes every Monday and Thursday returning the same days,

Mary Perryman, from Torquay to Newton every Wednesday; to Totnes on Saturday, returning the same days.

John Herd, from Newton every morning returning the same day.

Philip Winsor, from Bovey, every Saturday returning the same day.

Elliott, from Shaldon every Tuesday and Thursday, returning the same day.


Five safe Vessels are employed between Torquay and London : one of which clears as regularly as circumstances may permit, every eighth day.

Apply at the Offices of Godfrey, Matthews, and Slade, Torquay; or at Chamberlain's Wharf, London.

The Brunswick Steam Vessel, of 100 horse power, runs regularly during the season between Plymouth, Torquay and Portsmouth ; she calls at Torquay every Monday and Thursday about 7 P. M. on her way to Portsmouth, and returns from that place to Torquay every Wednesday and Saturday morning on her voyage to Plymouth. Apply to R. J. Slade, the Agent, at Torquay.

There is constant communication between Brixham and Guernsey and Jersey, by sailing vessels.

Pleasure Boats of various sizes, may be procured during the usual season, of Messrs, Slade, Godfrey, Peeke, Hammick, Stabb, Whiteway, Merdon, Shaw, etc, they generally be found ready for hire near the steps of the pier.

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