Old World Charm and thatched cottages in modern day Torquay

Cockington is a living preservation area still retaining many of its ancient thatched cottages and the very well known Cockington Forge, as well as the splendid large residence known as Cockington Court, with its adjacent church

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Cockington_Forge_small.jpg - 33351 Bytes
The world famous Cockington Forge.

Cockington_Church_small.jpg - 11501 Bytes
The Parish Church of Cockington

Gamekeepers_small.jpg - 12915 Bytes

The Gamekeepers Cottage.

higher_lodge_small.jpg - 10225 Bytes
The Higher Lodge

cricket_at_cockington_small.jpg - 9172 Bytes
Sunday Cricket in front of Cockington Court

Cockington_court_small.jpg - 46947 Bytes
Cockington Court.

Drum_Inn_small.jpg - 11850 Bytes
The Drum Inn, the village hostelry

Built in the 1930s to a design by Sir Edwin Lutyens, very much in keeping with the character of the village. Also known for its engraving on glass of Whistlers poem "The Drum" in one of its windows. Sadly altered since this photo was taken and not for the better

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