Photographs of St Mary Church and district

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babbacombe_pre_1884_small.jpg - 8044 Bytes
Babbacombe beach from the Cary Arms pre 1884

Babbacombe_1890_small.jpg - 8770 Bytes
Another view of Babbacombe beach , taken from the opposite direction, after 1890 (roof of derelict Glen has been retouched)`

Oddicombe-small.jpg - 34261 Bytes
Modern view of Oddicombe Beach taken from Babbacombe Downs with background view up the coast towards Teignmouth etc

babbacombe_downs_small.jpg - 43627 Bytes
Babbacombe Downs

Barton_small.jpg - 18878 Bytes
Barton Village about 1920

Barton-Post-Office-small.jpg - 18718 Bytes

Barton Post Office circa 1905, was at 7 Fore Street Barton (house is now 109 Fore Street) Also used as local lock-up. (Picture thanks to Ian Sharam)

Cary-Arms-1923-small.jpg - 16179 Bytes

The Cary Arms Hotel, overlooking Babbacombe Beach about 1923. The first picture on this page shows the Hotel on the extreme left with a thatched roof.

Ansteys Cove from a print dated 1851

Ansteys Cove from a print dated 1864

Ansteys-Cove-1884-small.jpg - 17299 Bytes

Anstey’s Cove about 1884, cliff in background is Walls Hill and Long Quarry point. Note bathing machines on beach. A very secluded spot. Still popular although some of the cliffs are now unstable and some access is blocked.

SMC-Town-Hall-small.jpg - 9073 Bytes
Saint Marychurch Town Hall, built in 1883, designed by George Bridgman.
Became the property of Torquay Council when St Marychurch became part of the town in 1900. Still standing

Watcombe Beach, a nice secluded cove, but down a very steep hill. Near here is where the famous Watcombe clay was found which lead to the formation of the Torquay Potteries. Also nearby is the Giant rock and goats path, an area well liked by Victorian society as a place for a visit and even organised entertainment- see below

Watcombe- From a print dated 1852

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