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Marina_small.jpg - 10070 Bytes
Overlooking Princess Gardens, Rock Walk & Pavilion

Overlooking inner harbour towards Strand and the Terrace

strand_slipway_small.jpg - 12065 Bytes
Looking towards Fleet Walk, one of Torquay's main shopping streets

Terrace_small.jpg - 12563 Bytes
One of Torquay's renowned Victorian terraces , this one is simply called "The Terrace" and overlooks the harbour. With St John's church on the left

new-harbour-bridge-small.jpg - 10828 Bytes
The new bridge completed in 2003, which spans the entrance to the inner harbour. In conjunction with this is an opening cill that retains water in the inner harbour at low tide.

newbeaconquay-small.jpg - 25292 Bytes

The newly completed Beacon Quay, with shops, café and bar

Torquay Marina, in the outer harbour

Townhal_small.jpg - 8473 Bytes
Torquay Town Hall , built in 1912

Thatcher_small.jpg - 9475 Bytes
Thatcher Rock just off shore of Ilsham Marine Drive, one of Torquay's most select areas.

Kilmorie_small.jpg - 7839 Bytes
The coast line around the area of Meadfoot with the flats at Kilmorie on the distant hill side

hesketh_Cres_small.jpg - 14167 Bytes
Hesketh Crescent an elegant Victorian Crescent, overlooking the sea at Meadfoot

Beacon_Terrace_small.jpg - 68768 Bytes
Beacon Terrace, overlooking the outer harbour, an elegant terrace climbing the hill

Lisburne_Crescent_small.jpg - 40126 Bytes
Lisburne Crescent, another Victorian Crescent

Torbay_Hotel_small.jpg - 38747 Bytes
Torbay Hotel, right on the seafront overlooking the Princess Gardens.The right hand portion was built as an hotel, the left hand portion was a terrace of elegant houses-now incorporated in the hotel.

Vaughan_Paradesmall.jpg - 42793 Bytes

Vaughan Parade, overlooking the harbour, with pavement cafes and shops

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