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All Saints Church, Tormoham

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After proposals to extend St Saviours Church were rejected, a temporary building was erected in 1867 in a field at the top of old Mill Lane at its junction with South Street, as a Chapel of Ease to St Saviours, which is literally just around the corner. This building was constructed of timber with an iron roof and could accommodate 600 people. Although never intended to last more than seven years it actually lasted for eighteen. The new building (see above) was started in 1885 and the chancel and nave were opened in 1886, but it took until 1889 for the building to be completed. This new church dedicated to All Saints could seat 800. This is the church where Agatha Christie was baptised.

Still in use, having replaced St Saviours as the Parish church, when St Saviours was declared redundant.

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Modern picture of All Saints.

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An undated interior view

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