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All Saints, Babbacombe

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Babbacombe was originally a small hamlet within the parish of St Marychurch, but like all other parts of Torquay it grew quite extensively in the mid 1800s. By the 1860s a need arose for some form of church in the district, a school room was used at first but proved unsatisfactory and so in 1865 the foundation stone of a new church was laid. On November 1st 1867 the main body of the church was consecrated. On November 1st 1874 the completed church was opened.

This church made extensive use of local marbles, much of which was supplied by the local firm of Blacklers of St Marychurch.

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Undated interior view

In 1868 new schools were opened on the corner of Babbacombe Road and Portland Road. Have since been demolished and flats built on the site.

This church will seat 500. Still very much in use today.

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Modern picture of All Saints, Babbacombe

A small hall has been built on the opposite side of the building to the pictures shown here.

An interior view taken in 2003 (thanks to Carol for the picture)

The Dedication plaque (thanks again to Carol)

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