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Holy Trinity

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Now this is a tricky one! Initially Trinity Church was an independent chapel, in Park Street, the foundation stone being laid on 3 June 1830 and opened on 21st June 1831. The Rev W Greenwood was the minister, he, however joined the Church of England and took most of the congregation with him. And then the Church was connected with the establishment. It was purchased by Rev R Fayle for £4000 and in 1838 underwent considerable alterations. On the death of Mr Fayle in 1874 the church passed into the hands of Rev F Baines. Schools were opened in 1847 and accommodated 200 children. There is no known photo of the original chapel although it was designed by the same architect as the Endowed Chapel of Torquay (St John the Evangelist Parish)

All the photos here are of the new church

In 1892 a scheme was initiated to build a new church in a more prominent position, and the foundation stone was laid in December 1894. The new Holy Trinity church opened in September 1896. The last service was held in the old church on 13th September 1896. This building then became the Holy Trinity Parish Room.

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In 1980 the church was declared redundant and put up for sale. It became the "Breakaway Sports Centre" in 1982. Today it is used as a children’s Play Centre


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