Society of Friends- (Quakers)


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At first the Friends met at various houses around the town, but meeting were intermittent, When the numbers grew it was decided to hire a large room on the first floor of a house on the Strand, overlooking the harbour, they met here for about 10 years.

In 1852 an effort was made to erect a purpose built Meeting House, a plot of land was aquired in Warren Road and by the summer of 1853 work had commenced. Owing to disputes between the architect and the contractor work was not finished until 1855- then another dispute over payment to the contractor arose. The contractor actually turned the building into a dance saloon and other "objectionable purposes". Eventually the Friends placed the matter in the hands of a solicitor who managed to settle the dispute. The Friends could then take possession and renovate their new building before they could move in. This building was sold off and is now used by the "Samaritans ".


The Friends now occupy a building at 48 Tor Hill Road almost opposite the Central Church.


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