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By 1884 the little parish church at Cockington was struggling to cope with the ever increasing population of Cockington and Chelston, so it was decided to erect a temporary church as a chapel of Ease on a piece of land in Solsbro Road. This building was known as the iron church and cost over 300 to erect. It was opened on 27th November 1884. This temporary building coped until Mr Mallock of Cockington gave a piece of land and on 18th April 1895 Mrs Mallock laid the foundation stone of St Matthews church.

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This new church was and still is a chapel of Ease to Cockington. On July 1st 1896 the nave was opened and dedicated. The completed building was dedicated by the Bishop of Exeter on 1st January 1904.

This church has a really good setting, the front faces down Walnut Road, whilst to the rear is a large area of open park,

Still in use


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